Business process management with Doxis

Faster results

Cut processing times & expedite decision-making: Meet targets, improve efficiency and keep customers happy.

Enhanced quality

Standardize & optimize your workflows company-wide — for better results and assured quality.

Full process control

Maintain an overview of all active processes & tasks and ensure the smooth running of your business processes.

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My personal highlight are the audit-proof workflows for all digital release processes: Basically, I don't have to sign anything anymore. This is really huge progress for me!

René Schmalen, Head of Claims, Delvag Versicherungs-AG, Lufthansa Group

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Optimize processes — company-wide

Automate and manage your business processes across departments and systems spanning the entire organization.

Make sound decisions

Know that your process-related decisions are always based on current, reliable information.

Cut lead times, boost productivity

Automate and accelerate (sub-)processes and relieve knowledge workers from performing monotonous routine activities.

Stay faster than the competition

Respond quickly to new challenges and easily adapt your business processes — no programming required.

Keep customers & partners happy

Optimize & standardize workflows to bring products and services to customers fast and in top quality.

Stay traceable, transparent & compliant

Introduce traceability and transparency to your business processes that stand up to the scrutiny of any audit.

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One BPM solution for all processes

Whether it's individual customer service or ongoing invoice verifications, both dynamic and standard processes are key components of every company's daily business operations. Yet no process is ever completely standardized or spontaneous — and they never simply end at department or system boundaries. With Doxis business process management (BPM), you digitally map all kinds of processes in a single software. The software enables you to organize and work on ad hoc, standardized and automated processes — also combinations of them. Not only are you digitizing your processes, you are also creating the foundation for company-wide digital business processes.

Doxis4 Business Process Management (BPM) is the only software that unites all processes.

Best practice

The workflow is so smart that it recognizes if there is an amendment or new proposal, if the project is still within the budget, or if the budget is being exceeded and additional financing is needed. The workflow then automatically initiates the next decision-making level.

Ralf Everding, Application Specialist, IT, Raffinerie Heide GmbH

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Doxis makes it happen

Doxis Business Process Management unites all processes in one solution to meet your needs:

  • Ad hoc workflows
  • Structured processes
  • Task management
Business process management with Doxis4 unites all processes in one solution.

Manage structured processes with Doxis

Many processes follow the same pattern over and over again. With Doxis business process management, you can standardize and automate these processes — and always with the option to extend standardized processes on an ad hoc basis. Doxis documents the entire process, keeping you in full control at all times.

Inbound mail »

Invoice processing »

HR processes »

Approvals & releases

This is how Doxis supports your knowledge work

Knowledge workers need the freedom to make decisions that go beyond standard processes. With Doxis business process management, you can organize tasks spontaneously and tailored to the situation. Simply convert routine activities into a standard process.

Team & project work »

Customer service »

Change management »

Investment requests

Collaboration & overview

Did co-worker X already work on this task? Who is responsible for the release? Where are we in the process and which documents belong to it? With Doxis Business Process Management, you can manage and maintain an overview of tasks, processes and their related information.

  • Manage tasks, dates & deadlines
  • Clear overview of everyone's responsibilities, deadlines & progress
  • Manage tasks, dates & deadlines
  • Clear overview of everyone's responsibilities, deadlines & progress
  • Share information automatically or spontaneously
  • Collaboration beyond departments, languages & countries
  • Share information automatically or spontaneously
  • Collaboration beyond departments, languages & countries
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With Doxis we were able to optimize our processes, which had a positive effect on our HR resources and the quality of our service.

Helmut Glas, Head of IT, Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen GmbH


The perfect symbiosis!

Information and processes work hand in hand. So why keep them apart? Check out how Doxis unites the two.

Freedom to shape processes your way

Whether your process is normative or adaptive — Doxis business process management digitizes them all:

Set your own standards

With Doxis business process management, you can standardize and automate structured processes. You decide to what extent individual tasks and processes depend on one another; you determine which workflows run automatically.

Stay agile

To work flexibly means being able to spontaneously plan tasks situation-based, or even being able to break out of standardized processes, if that’s what is needed. Doxis BPM gives you the right tools to accomplish this. Workflow management with Doxis enables you to easily plan and manage tasks and processes on an ad hoc basis.

Create context

For every process there is so much information that must be effectively utilized to make any progress. In line with the principle of adaptive case management (ACM), Doxis bundles all information that, for example, is relevant for a service case.

Combine processes

Model both normative and ad hoc processes with one BPM software, combining both worlds: For example, add further verification steps to your standard invoice process; or turn routine ad hoc workflows from customer service into one standard process.

Business process management with Doxis: Technical highlights

  • ECM & BPM on one technological platform
  • Uniform metadata for all processes
  • Simple process modeling: normative, ad hoc & hybrid
  • Design & build: Create your own processes at any time
  • Comment, search & notification functions
  • Uniform customizing, user & rights management
  • Compliance: transparent documentation & reports
  • Additional easily extendible Doxis platform services
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Business process management with Doxis: Product highlights

A guide to business process automation & optimization

An in-depth look at process automation and AI, workflow optimization, hybrid processes and case management: with case studies and actionable insights to digitally transform your business processes for long-term agility.



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