Powered by the latest AI

Intelligent business process automation

  • Automate and manage all your business processes, end-to-end 
  • Experience a real-time, transparent view of project progress
  • Automate manual tasks and speed up daily work
  • Elevate decision-making by harnessing your institutional knowledge with AI

Elevating efficiency with AI

Faster results

Leverage AI to cut processing times and enhance decision-making so you can achieve targets, amplify efficiency and keep customers happy.

Enhanced quality

Standardize and optimize your workflows company-wide with AI-powered business process automation — for superior outcomes and unwavering quality.

Full process control

Say goodbye to ambiguity. Get a 360° view of all active processes and tasks to ensure smooth-running business operations. 

Intelligent business process automation

Experience unparalleled efficiency with AI-powered workflow automation and cross-system processes, transforming the way your employees work. Want to see it in action?  

One tool for all your processes

Doxis Business Process Management (BPM) is the only software that unites all processes.
  • Ad hoc, standardized, hybrid: Experience comprehensive BPM, organizing and working on combinations of processes for your structured and unstructured work.
  • Break boundaries: Processes seamlessly span departments and systems.
  • Foundation for digital operations: Enable company-wide digital business processes.
  • Automation: Apply AI to automate workflow steps, increase efficiency and improve decision-making. 

How to build a lean, modern and future-proof business

How can you digitize, automate and streamline your business processes for greater agility, customer experience and operational efficiency?

Our in-depth guide provides actionable recommendations, case studies and checklists to help you achieve process digitalization. 

Enhancing ECM & BPM with just one system

Information and processes go hand in hand, so why not manage them easily with one solution? Make business process management easier by giving your employees everything they need in one solution, no matter their location, device or job role.

Say goodbye to information silos and unify your customer data, product information and process data with Doxis.

We are processing much more than we used to with the same amount of people. We can do more without hiring people and follow up many more quotations.

Perfect your business processes

Your starting point for success

Dashboards are the ultimate starting point for your workforce, designed to provide a complete overview of upcoming tasks, recent activities and provide intuitive reports centered around your employees' workflows. Doxis comes with preconfigured dashboards which can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Crystal clear workflows

Process visualization provides you with clear visual representations of your workflows and allows you to dive into the details such as tracking current status, deciphering next steps and gaining insight into the decision-making process and key stakeholders. Harness the capabilities of planning, mapping and executing standardized workflows and elevate your process management. 

Stay organized and on track

Modern, agile workforces need flexible solutions that can be tailored their needs so they can adapt to situational and market changes. Task lists are great for ad hoc workflow planning on an individual and team basis, helping you and your teams stay productive and adapt to situations that you encounter. 

Understand the progress of processes

Know the exact progress of your business processes from start to finish. See and understand the most recent activity in a workflow. The activity feed gives you detailed visibility updates, keeping track of who has created, viewed, edited, opened, approved and made comments on the content your employees are working with.  

Workflows that work for you

In an ideal world, projects go smoothly as planned. In reality, project approvals, service cases, risk assessments and more often deviate from standard procedures. Having the flexibility to adapt a standardized business process enables your employees to continue working productively and compliantly.

Seamless operations, satisfied customers

Improve efficiency across the board

Seamlessly automate and manage your business processes across all departments and systems, empowering your entire organization.

Informed decisions, every time

Rest easy knowing that employees are working with up-to-date information and your process-driven choices are always based on current, reliable information.

Supercharge productivity, slash waiting times

Free your team from repetitive tasks. Watch as processes speed up, boosting overall productivity.

Remain one step ahead

Stay ahead of the curve. Adapt swiftly to new challenges without the need for complex programming.

Exceed customer and partner expectations

Streamline workflows for swift delivery of top-notch products and services, ensuring smiles all around.

Stay traceable, transparent & compliant

Infuse transparency and traceability into your processes, setting a gold standard for audits and compliance.

With Doxis we were able to optimize our processes, which had a positive effect on our HR resources and the quality of our service.

Shape business processes your way

Whether your process is normative or adaptive — Doxis business process automation digitizes them all:

Set your own standards

With Doxis business process management, you have the power to standardize and automate structured processes. You dictate the degree of interdependence between individual tasks and processes, and you call the shots on which workflows operate autonomously.

Stay agile

Spontaneously organize tasks based on the situation or deviate from standardized processes when necessary. Doxis BPM gives you the flexibility for such situations. With Doxis workflow management, you can effortlessly strategize and oversee tasks and processes as they progress.

Create context

Every process holds a wealth of vital information essential for progress. In line with Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Doxis consolidates all pertinent data, ensuring optimal utilization in scenarios like service cases.

Combine processes

Model both normative and ad hoc processes with one BPM software. Enhance your standardized invoice process by incorporating additional verification steps. Turn routine ad hoc customer service workflows into one standardized process.

Streamline your business processes

Discover the power of Doxis and AI.

Learn more about injecting AI-powered automation into your business processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Schedule your personalized demo of Doxis - either directly at your company or remotely - and we will show you its potential live and up close.

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FAQs about business process automation

What is BPM?
Business process management seeks to optimize business processes through analyzing, improving and automation. Business processes are tasks or activities that co-ordinate the behavior of people, systems and information to produce outcomes that support a businesses’ strategy. Processes can either be structured and repeatable or unstructured and variable. A range of methods are used to model, measure, optimize and control business activity.
What is business process management software?
Business process management software helps businesses to manage and automate their processes and workflows to improve day-to-day functions. BPM software helps turn time-consuming manual processes into streamlined workflows across business applications through automation. This allows you to manage routine, highly structured processes as well as unstructured, derived processes and integrate standardized and knowledge-based processes.
What is the role of ECM in business process management?
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the process of managing information, documents and data. The management of information is just as important as managing your processes. Combining insights into your documents and data with control over your processes means you'll be able to achieve the goals of your organization. We are the first ECM vendor to unite ECM and BPM on one unified technological platform.
Why do I need business process management?
Business process automation elevates your business process management and enables you to take your digital business transformation to the next level. Agile business processes have drastically changed the requirements of companies: modern BPM tools need to be quick and intuitively adaptable to each task. The Doxis BPM solution makes this a reality and offers all kinds of extra benefits for automating your business processes.

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