ECM for banks and financial services

A modern ECM platform for greater efficiency and happier customers

The volumes of documents handled by banks and financial service providers is growing steadily in daily business: loan applications, risk analyses, contracts, credit ratings, real estate assessments, stock settlements and many more. The ECM platform Doxis makes these documents, processes and files available in business processes. Automated document management enables your organization to enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with faster case handling.

Better, AI-powered customer service

Streamline and speed up your processes for recording and handling customer inquiries, loan applications and property financing.

Swift, automated loan processing

Process loan inquiries faster with all the necessary documents bundled in credit files and ensure full process transparency.

Improved resource utilization

Make work easier for employees by automating manual tasks such as data capture, filing, the preparation of credit agreements and deadline management.

Doxis in banking and financial services

Feeling fatigued with information overload? Doxis can help you work smarter, better and faster. Dealing with large amounts of customer data can be overwhelming. From enabling error-free data entry to making sure no steps are missed in your key processes like loan management, Doxis is your go-to helping hand.

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How to build a lean, modern and future-proof business

Our must-have guide shows you:

  • How to overcome the biggest challenges facing banking and insurance
  • The key steps to modernization and benefits of AI and automation
  • A tale of 4 digital pioneers – success stories from our customers in banking and insurance who have made the move and modernized

Martin Treder,
Global IT, DHL Express

Our hunt for an ideal document management solution had reached global proportions, but it turns out that the answer was right in front of us all along – just across the river at SER.

Jörn Lamb,
Project Manager, IT department, SEW-EURODRIVE

...A massive improvement. This is an excellent example of how you can achieve so much with such little effort.

Werner Höltl,
Application Manager (Finance), Duravit AG

We are very well equipped to handle what the future holds – especially when it comes to our international, document-based business processes.

Ilaria Patri,
Head of Group Legal, Compliance & Internal Audit at ITALCER Group

Doxis 231 and COMPaaS provided the perfect solution to manage compliance activities in an innovative way.

Thomas Schnell,
Head of Functional Operations, BCM platform, DB Systel

With Doxis by SER Group, we have succeeded in establishing a single, electronic ECM infrastructure that can be integrated as a Group standard.

René Schmalen,
Head of Claims, Delvag, Lufthansa Group

E-files with workflows has made our claims settlement perceptibly more efficient and has eased collaborative work...forming the basis of new digital services for our customers and partners.

Lars Schmerge,
ECM Project Manager, Bernard Krone Holding

Why did we chose SER? From the very beginning they were on a level with us and the Doxis solution fulfilled all of our requirements.

Martin Mermolja,
Customer Management, Sunrise Communications

With Doxis, we now have a stable platform that runs around the clock. Our customer files are always found quickly and easily — regardless of where they are located!

Markus Schiffer,
Portfolio Manager, DEVK

The number one strategic target of DEVK is customer satisfaction. We can only achieve this if we are fast and able to provide information on demand.

Gundolf Hallmann,
Area Manager of Finance and Accounting, Bofrost*

Our goal was to shorten the invoice processing time and to have a more efficient and audit-proof structure. We achieved this thanks to SER. A win for the company and, most of all, for the employees.

ECM solutions for banks & financial service providers

Loan & lease files

Electronic files for loans, leases or property financing bring together and provide all documents and customer data relevant for the decision-making process.

Integration in bank systems

Transfer information from integrated leading applications to index electronic credit files, contract files, etc. and to retrieve credit files from the leading system.

Work on & manage documents

Location-independent and effective processing of loans, automated digital statements of account, monthly payment plans, etc., all via customer portals.

Governance, risk & compliance (GRC)

With ECM platform Doxis, it is easy and convenient to publish and manage specifications and official documents for risk management and to fulfill requirements for quality management.

How Raiffeisen Bank International solves key challenges in banking

Learn how Raiffeisen Bank International has successfully modernized document management with Doxis and which role AI and automation play in this.

Compliance & data protection - Doxis has you covered

Risk management guidelines (governance, risk and compliance, GRC) not only regulate how finance processes must be managed, but they also require adherence to strict reporting standards. Doxis helps banks and financial service providers to publish and manage specification documents and documentation in a simple and easy way. With Doxis you also verifiably comply with data protection requirements including the EU GDPR: The numerous Doxis certifications are testimony to this.

Is your legacy system holding you back?

Discontinued support, lack of scalability, security gaps — Doxis frees you from the shackles of your legacy applications so you can phase out outdated, poorly maintained systems. Our proven migration concept introduces you to the world of the scalable, flexible Doxis ECM platform. You decide how your solution should be run: on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. Regardless of whether you have to migrate ten gigabytes or hundreds of terabytes!

Calculated, planned, controlled: Find out how migrating to the Doxis ECM platform can work for you!

Work more productively thanks to an ECM platform

Make smarter decisions

Systematically bring together information from core banking systems, bank procedures, ERP & CRM to improve your decision-making and speed up information discovery.

Shorten response times

Automate data entry, digitally manage incoming mail, emails and applications from online forms, and have them automatically forwarded them to the right person.

Optimized verification & approval processes

Verify and release loan applications, overdraft extensions, property financing and more much faster with automated approval processes that are already linked to the supporting documents you need.

Mitigate legal risks

Automate the audit-proof archiving of documents and transaction data. Verifiably comply with retention periods and data protection requirements.

Customer stories of digital leaders in banking & financial services

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