Document management with Doxis

Enhanced productivity

Work on and manage all documents digitally: This reduces lead times, expedites decision-making and prevents costly errors.

Easier compliance

Reduce the time and effort needed to fulfill and document compliance requirements and help prevent sanctions as a result.

Better resource deployment

Automate your document filing and distribution workflows and free up resources for service, order processing etc.

We can makes notes, highlight text and stamp documents directly on our screens, which is very convenient. And every employee knows where to find the cases. This really saves on time!

Ricarda Schrickel, Head of the Customer Competence Center in Erfurt, DEVK

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Improve service

DMS gives you access to current contracts, inquiries and invoices relating to customers and business partners directly in the right business context so you can provide information immediately.

Make work easier

Document management reduces time-consuming searching, filing and forwarding of documents and makes it easier for employees to keep an overview of all information.

Facilitate decision-making

With Doxis you work on projects, customer inquiries and contracts on the basis of current information, expedite decision-making and meet business-critical deadlines much more easily.

Collaborate more productively

DMS enables you to share documents with business partners and customers more easily, faster and more transparent than ever, and accelerate business processes.

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Enjoy greater productivity and success

Say goodbye to paper, floating files, email attachments and file directories! Document management with Doxis provides the basis: Contracts, orders, invoices, etc. are all managed digitally with the DMS software. You’ll find every document directly and in the right context; all edits are logged and transparent, which shortens your lead times. You benefit from faster decision-making and fewer errors, and underpin the long-term success of your business.

Product video

Document management with 360-degree view

Improve your customer service with DMS

Doxis DMS unites content and integrates it into all touchpoints with customers. With a 360-degree view of a customer’s documents and related information, your business can ensure fast response times and absolute control over content. We show you how in this video.

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Improve productivity with DMS


Keyword, full-text or a combination of both: Find every document, even those in other locations throughout the company. You don't even need the original software: The DMS can display 250 file formats.


Intelligent information management with Doxis DMS software uses clear file dialogs and automated context assignment to simplify the filing of new documents.


Via Doxis add-ins you can use further DMS functions, such as searching and filing directly in Microsoft Office and Outlook, IBM Notes etc. Create new documents quickly with the Doxis templates.


Add comments and notes to documents digitally with Doxis without affecting the original. The DMS software can also include this additional information in searches.


Doxis keeps track of all changes in documents through version management. This means you immediately see the most current version of, e.g. a project plan. You can also find older versions quickly and at any time.


Doxis electronic files bring together information in their business context, e.g. contracts, orders, emails or even processes related to a customer or supplier.

Case study

We wouldn't be able to function anymore without DMS!

Angelika Lang, project manager in Project and Quality Management at FCA BANK Deutschland

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Doxis! It genuinely gives us a huge advantage and makes our work so much easier. I couldn’t imagine going back to how things were.

Nina Orywal, Human Resource Manager, HANSA-FLEX

Document management digitizes processes

Document-driven processes

Take advantage of workflows to automatically manage review and release processes.

Internal & external collaboration

Securely exchange documents with other business units and business partners.

Deadline management & follow-up

Doxis can automatically send you deadline reminders and the related documents ahead of time.

Notification of updates

Subscribe to documents and processes: Doxis will notify you automatically of all changes.

Information life-cycle management

Highly available DMS software

Frequently used documents, even when they are accessed by thousands of users at the same time, are quickly identified by Doxis and provided immediately.

Secure retention management

Doxis archives documents in long-term formats such as PDF/A, TIFF or in the original format. This means they are readable also after the 30-year retention period.

Access protection

With Doxis you protect all documents against unauthorized access while the audit trail logs the entire change history. The result: You stay fully compliant.

Cost-effective storage

Doxis automatically keeps documents you no longer actively use but are required to retain, such as paid invoices, in a cost-effective storage.

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What should a DMS offer? What are the benefits you seek from it? This guide takes you step by step through the process of finding and launching a document management system. It includes practical information and checklists, use cases and recommendations.

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