ECM for healthcare

Improve the quality of patient care, reduce costs, and at the same time minimize your administrative burden through efficient and centralized management of all your documents and data.

Digital transformation has become an integral part of healthcare

The healthcare sector is facing many challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers, general cost pressures, ensuring patient care, and meeting compliance requirements. By digitizing and automating processes and documents, you can make your workflows more efficient, optimize treatment processes, and improve overall patient outcomes.

360° view of patients

Get a complete 360° view of your patients – from diagnoses to treatment plans to past medical histories. Access all the important documents from a single application, for more effective patient care.

Automated workflows

Through Intelligent Content Automation (ICA) we noticeably reduce staff workloads. Workflows are supported and managed so that employees can concentrate on what matters. Manual, repetitive tasks are eliminated and deadlines are always met.

Flexible integration options

By supporting the relevant communication standards such as HL7, CDA, FHIR, IHE and DICOM, we enable seamless integration with the clinic information systems (HIS) in your existing or future IT infrastructure.

OÖ Gesundheitsholding stands for first-class, cutting-edge medical care. To achieve this, we need innovative and future-ready healthcare IT solutions. SER is the right partner to help us deliver on this, and Doxis ICA is the right product.

The Doxis ECM platform goes beyond classic content management

Our Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA) platform not only provides centralized storage, management, and classification of data, but also advanced, integrated features such as Content Understanding and Workflow Automation. Intelligent automation not only makes managing and maintaining large amounts of data more efficient but also enables more accurate analysis and use of medical information for improved patient outcomes.

Get the full picture for patients and cases

From admission to surgery to rounds and follow-up examinations as well as administration: Electronic patient records provide custom perspectives on information tailored precisely to your staff’s latest work processes.

Automation in clinics & administration

Relieve your staff of time-consuming tasks such as manual document filing, data reconciliation, invoice verification, and many other tasks. Use intelligent assistants to identify and assign the information automatically. Systematically ensure the quality of your services by effectively managing, tracking, and automating processes.

Supports all formats

As a manufacturer- and format-independent universal archive, or vendor neutral archive (VNA), Doxis Healthcare supports all common healthcare data formats. Save and transfer image data in DICOM format and view studies with the powerful DICOM viewer. Save unstructured documents as indexed PDFs and have relevant data extracted automatically. Additionally, transmit and store structured data as FHIR resources.

Electronic signatures

The process of patient education in hospitals is often inefficient and plagued by media discontinuities. The forms are printed out, signed, and then digitized again. Implementing digital signatures enables a quick and seamless process where the patient legally signs the document on a signature pad – qualified signature.

Information management in clinic networks

As a provider with legally independent entities, you benefit from Doxis as a multi-client solution. This enables you to design secure information access to the structure of your organization. Case processing, patient records, and a networked IT system promote understanding, and insights from the data available and a rapid exchange of information play a major role in improving patient care.

Secure collaboration with external partners

Regardless of whether you access integrated portals or play a role in overarching processes, our solution enables you to collaborate efficiently with colleagues and partners via seamlessly integrated portals and end-to-end process flows. Organizing your collaboration easily and securely helps maintain the highest quality standards and increases the efficiency of your work processes.

Intelligent solutions for clinics and hospitals

Data and documents related to patients and their medical histories can be found in a wide range of medical and commercial hospital IT systems. With Doxis Healthcare you can make patient information available across systems and create the conditions for end-to-end digital processes.



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The next generation of healthcare management (HCM)

The Doxis healthcare solution

Patient records and case files

In the electronic Doxis patient records, you’ll find all the information about the medical history of your patients: from intake to treatment and discharge. The integrated case files can be organized in the various stays and visits. Powerful search functions enable you to quickly find the information you need. Extensive integration options allow simple and flexible integration into the IT system landscape and seamless integration into the clinic information system.


All diagnostic imaging exams are stored in the DICOM archive and displayed directly in the patient records and case files. The viewer, certified as a medical product, allows the image data to be examined intuitively, also for diagnostic purposes. All the usual viewer functions are available, e.g. measuring, zoom/brightness/contrast, split windows, reference lines, and more.


Support for IHE profiles for cross-company data exchange, such as PIXV3, PDQV3, CT, ATNA, XUA and XDS.b, enables users to connect to an IHE XDS Affinity Domain in no time at all. The solution, which has been tested several times at IHE Connectathons, has proven itself not only at the test locations but also in practice with our customers.

One solution for all business areas

Invoice processing

Store inbound invoices automatically, capture invoice data, and find it again in a matter of seconds.

Contract management

Creating, reviewing, approving, finalizing, managing, and archiving: all automated.

Document management

Capture, understand, and edit documents efficiently and automatically.


Secure and long-term archiving of patient data including historical information.


Identify and protect information by complying with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA or GDPR.

HR – Personnel records

Digital personnel records are integral to ensuring HR processes run quickly and securely.

Doxis as a migration platform for all HIS systems

Is your organization facing the challenge of SAP wanting to shut down its system?

Recent announcements from industry giants such as SAP and Cerner signal the impending phase-out of their healthcare systems by around 2030, with maintenance ceasing as early as around 2027.

The time to implement a new hospital information system (HIS) requires smooth and secure management of all documents and data. With our Doxis Healthcare solution, you can seamlessly centralize your records and information as you prepare for the transition to a new system.

Experience Doxis live

Experience Doxis, the next-generation enterprise content management system. Let Doxis help you implement a future-proof and scalable information management system with customizable workflows, content bridges to your third-party systems, and a range of expansion capabilities.

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