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ECM for healthcare

ECM for healthcare

Doxis focuses on quality for patients.

Saving lives and caring for health — for organizations and businesses in the healthcare sector, pursuing this goal is beset with obstacles. In the face of cost and time pressures, a shortage of skilled workers, and compliance obligations, efficient solutions are a must. With Doxis, you efficiently organize and manage documents and processes — systematically, rapidly and transparently documented. All the latest information on patients, administrative matters and quality management is at your fingertips, leaving you more time for the people who need your help.

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ECM solutions for healthcare

Patient, case & MDK eFiles

Electronic files centrally pool clinical notes, diagnostic findings, endoscopy images, admission forms, documents for external MDK assessors, emails, data from HIS & ERP, and more


Doxis seamless and transparently documents patient histories, internal processes, certification programs, etc.

Quality management

Codify your quality management, organizational instructions and standards with the KTQ-compliant hospital manual and lay the groundwork for successful certifications.

Prescription checking & automated settlements

Doxis automatically records, processes and archives invoices from and payments to pharmacies and health insurers. Automate your invoice processing, including fully automated posting.

Doxis in Healthcare

Your patients are your priority, and looking after them is paramount. Doxis can help you gather information quickly, acting as a central hub that brings your important data into view and giving you immediate data insight to make timely decisions, so you can focus on providing top quality care.

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The advantages of Doxis


Respond fast & provide information immediately


Systematically manage medical documents


Transparently document quality & compliance


Automate document management workflows


Roll out cross-system processes between HIS, DICOM, ERP, etc.


Archive documents in line with audit & EU GDPR requirements

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Optimizing our processes with Doxis has not only had a positive effect on our personnel resources, but also improved our service quality.

Helmut Glas, Head of IT, Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen


German KTQ quality certification made easy

At the LWL clinics, regular KTQ recertification is an absolute must. Now, with all relevant documents available at the touch of a button, Doxis makes the process easier than ever. Read on to find out how the LWL clinics have substantially reduced the work involved in recertification thanks to Doxis.


Compliance in the healthcare sector

Stay demonstrably compliant, with Doxis.

Doxis not only helps you to protect patient data, meet hygiene standards and comply with instructions — it also provides full and transparent proof of your compliance. You document QM processes, store information securely and keep all documents verifying your compliance at your fingertips.

  • You protect and manage patient data in line with the EU GDPR — Doxis is certified as compliant with this standard
  • You automatically comply with the 30-year legal retention period for medical records
  • You archive tax-related documents in line with audit requirements & avoid financial risks

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From clinic associations to pension funds for doctors, medical councils and more: Doxis process, document management and collaboration solutions assist you in all areas of the healthcare sector — and are the basis for end-to-end, patient-centric digitalization.

A guide to enhancing case management & patient care

An in-depth look at what case management must deliver today to remain laser-focused on patient care: with case studies and actionable insights to digitally transform your business processes for long-term agility.


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