Enhance customer experience in insurance through digitalization

Spend your time on customer relationships, not on tedious paperwork and inefficient processes.
The basis for an innovative and top-notch insurance offering are seamless, optimized workflows.

Your success starts with first-class customer service

Respond faster, streamline communication and speed up underwriting and claims processes. Doxis helps you gain the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers — and lay the foundation for sustainable growth.

Better customer service

Streamline and speed up access to all customer information with centralized customer eFiles and improve your ability to provide immediate information.

Expedited claims processes

Accelerate claims settlements & underwriting by promptly putting together the necessary documents & creating greater process transparency.

Improve resource utilization

Automate manual tasks such as data capture & filing, policy creation or deadline management.

Doxis in insurance

Dealing with multiple cases and need an organized space to manage documents and information? Doxis can help. Process automation and standardized workflows allow you to cut processing times and improve decision-making so you can keep customers happy and ensure high quality results.

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How to build a lean, modern and future-proof business

Our must-have guide shows you:

  • How to overcome the biggest challenges facing banking and insurance
  • The key steps to modernization and benefits of AI and automation
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A seamless flow of information across your business

Self-service contract signing

New customers want to choose and compare products for themselves online and then sign up in just a few mouse-clicks, 24/7. To stay competitive, insurance providers must attract new customers via a variety of routes — which means paying greater attention to efficient information management.

Data capture and offer creation in minutes

Choose an enterprise content management system like Doxis, which connects to your third-party systems. The platform customizes to your needs with diverse integration options and add-ons, like the Doxis document reader for reading personal identity documents and more. You benefit from significantly faster contract signings and a connected software ecosystem.

Doxis Content Bridge — Integrations

Information was stuck in silos across the company. But we needed this information to be available whenever our employees had direct contact with customers. It was time for a company-wide ECM strategy.

Markus Saladin, Head of the ECM Program, Helvetia

Cut lead times through process automation and AI

AI-powered claims management

Man archiving a document audit-compliantly via the cloud

Input management at its best

Settling damage claims within three working days has long been possible with the automation of simple business cases. Customers report damages via self-service channels, and the arrival of this information launches a workflow in Doxis. The system automatically creates a damage eFile/case eFile in the corresponding customer eFile, updates it with the claim number and assigns the eFile to the right person for further processing. They can immediately begin working on the claim rather than wasting time on data entry.

AI-powered sentiment analysis recognizes the customer’s emotional tone to ensure, for instance, that irate customers are directly routed to the right experts.

Holistic digitalization strategy

Digitalization means digitally replicating processes in their entirety, standardizing workflows and managing data at a central location. Data on customers, employees, suppliers and partners is all stored securely in one central system with role-based access.

"The customers notice how much faster we can process their requests. We are now able to answer a customer inquiry within two days, which is technically feasible thanks to Doxis."

Alexander Erpenbach, Head of the Policy Department for the divisions Property, Liability, Accident, Automotive Insurance and Customer Center Service, DEVK

Clear out the clutter: Modernize your legacy systems

Replace outdated, costly, time-consuming legacy systems with modern solutions. The Doxis ECM platform and solution suites strike a balance between individual workflows and standardized best practices — making migration much easier, with less need for testing, faster installation of add-on options and simpler upgrades.

Man archiving a document audit-compliantly via the cloud

Total Economic Impact™ study finds:

ROI of 336% from Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

These insurers are successful thanks to Doxis

DEVK: Process-centric insurance management

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Delvag: Digital claims settlements

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Delvag: Digital insurance processes with ECM

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Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung: Intelligent input management

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Techniker Krankenkasse: Audit-proof SAP archive with Doxis

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Key facts at a glance

360° view of policy holders

Gather and organize all policy holder information & maintain a complete overview to facilitate fast decision-making and immediate information.

Shorten response times

Automate data entry, bring together incoming mail, emails & applications from online forms and forward them to the right processor.

Optimized claims processes

With automated workflows, you can speed up the review & release steps of claims processes, thereby creating transparency and accountability for all areas.

Ensure compliance

Automate document filing and verifiably fulfill retention periods and data protection requirements with no additional resources.

Discover how Doxis can digitize your insurance business

Choose clear communication and quick underwriting and claims processes. Doxis helps you establish defined workflows and automates redundant tasks to improve your customer service.

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