Better informed account managers have happier customers

Salesforce integration with Doxis

360° view of customers

Create a single source of truth for all customer information   — for employees with & without Salesforce access

Free up the back office

Automate back office processes, e.g. document archiving, process monitoring and customer file creation

Happier customers

Better informed customer service colleagues can respond to inquiries faster & with greater precision to strengthen customer retention

Uniform basis of information for all

Lay the foundation for a 360° view of all customer processes & information and access them directly from Salesforce or Doxis.

Mitigate legal risks

Automate the archiving of important Salesforce documents and effortlessly prove compliance with retention periods & data protection requirements such as the EU GDPR.

Familiar work environment

Continue working as normal in Salesforce and access related quotations, contracts and emails straight from the application or switch to the customer file using the link provided, for a complete overview.

Faster processes, better service

Let Doxis automatically launch and monitor downstream processes such as inquiries regarding delivery dates or questions for the Sales team.

Put the spotlight on your customers

Your customers are important to you. That's why you work with Salesforce, to offer them professional support. Each and every inquiry needs to be answered fast, reliably and with the necessary expertise. But Salesforce contains only a portion of the information you need. This is evident every time you need to answer inquiries about contracts or arrangements made via email, etc. With Salesforce & Doxis, you have direct access to information from all sources — the answers are always at your fingertips.

Content Bridge Salesforce

Make sure employees have access to a clear picture of data across your ERP and CRM systems. Say goodbye to information silos with Doxis and close the information gaps between your ERP and CRM systems. With a full overview of customers, opportunities and deals you can make informed decisions, speed up processes and create a shared basis of information.

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What is Doxis SmartBridge for Salesforce?

Doxis SmartBridge is the special Doxis connector for Salesforce. It enables you to integrate both systems seamlessly — a prerequisite for comprehensive information management across system boundaries.

Filing & metadata inheritance

Classification & eFiles

Updates & notifications

Utilize the benefits of ECM with Salesforce

Automatic processes

When creating new eFiles, Doxis automatically triggers workflows in Salesforce, e.g. for your client onboarding activities. You’ll find all the information about the process in Doxis as conveniently as in Salesforce.

Doxis iRoom

Enhance Salesforce with the Doxis iRoom: Use the iRoom to provide customers with quotations, contracts, product information and other documents directly, securely and traceable at all times.

Content analytics

With intelligent Doxis Cognitive Services, take advantage of content analytics also for your Salesforce information: from automated metadata enrichment for proper filing to risk analyses.


Doxis automatically and compliantly archives all document versions from Salesforce. You benefit from transparent documentation of all customer processes, such as complaints, or questions relating to the EU GDPR.

What is Doxis SmartBridge for Salesforce?

Doxis SmartBridge for Salesforce is the special Doxis connector for Salesforce. It enables you to integrate both systems seamlessly — a prerequisite for comprehensive information management across system boundaries.

Filing & metadata inheritance

Doxis imports new documents from Salesforce — with all metadata. They are filed correctly and automatically, and can therefore be discovered quickly.

Classification & eFiles

Doxis automatically creates eFiles for accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads and campaigns, and assigns documents and data to them — in a clearly structured manner and with specific views of customers, opportunities, etc.

Updates & notifications

Doxis automatically stores new versions of documents and also updates the Salesforce data sets in the eFiles. Doxis can notify you at any time about changes.

Salesforce integration with Doxis: Technical highlights

  • Seamless integration in the Salesforce user interface
  • Access to all Doxis content directly from Salesforce
  • Access to Salesforce content in Doxis even without Salesforce access
  • Automatically responds to activities in Salesforce
  • Doxis eFile classes for each Salesforce object type
  • Audit-proof archiving of Salesforce content
  • All benefits of the Doxis platform but in the Salesforce environment
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