ECM for Purchasing & Procurement

Save time and money with order processes and supplier management using Doxis.

ECM for procurement processes

The increasing pressure to innovate is affecting purchasing and procurement: You constantly need to improve your processes  to procure goods on time and within budget – from purchase requisition and order verification to supplier management. The challenge is to maintain relationships with suppliers and service providers all over the world while dealing with complex contract structures, countless deadlines and thousands of associated documents. How do you keep track of all this information and all these processes while simultaneously identifying potential for process and quality optimization? With Doxis.

ECM solutions for purchasing & procurement

Digital purchase requisitions

Automates the purchase requisition, assists when filling in cost center, project number, etc., and shows the order status

Automated order releases

For order verification, release of orders, including automated deadline reminders

ERP integration

Automated data transfer & archiving from SAP and other ERP systems via certified interfaces

Supplier onboarding

Digital processes to identify suitable suppliers, request certifications, meetings with suppliers, audits, etc.

Quality management

Digital, verifiable QM processes for supplier management, recertification & correct inventory process

Documentation & reports

Record the processing times in purchasing, order volumes in all departments, contract deadlines, delivery times, etc.

Managing supplier relationships worldwide

See how the internationally dispersed buyers and suppliers of Eissmann Group Automotive organize their collaboration in the Doxis iRoom.

Benefits with Doxis

Faster & more efficient procurement processes

Easier purchase requisition for employees in all departments

Better collaboration & communication with suppliers

Overview of process optimization potential

Verifiable quality & compliance in liability issues

Audit-compliant archiving of documents subject to mandatory retention

Process optimization with documentation & reports

With Doxis, you can keep an eye on procurement processes at all times.

Which suppliers are fastest? How long does which subsidiary take to verify orders? Figures such as these help you to further optimize your processes. Doxis documents all processes, processing times and partial steps. You always have the integrated reports on hand – no matter where you are. This enables you to react immediately to deviations, prevent costly delays and optimize your procurement processes in the long term.

Our team is able to make better decisions based on the information in the supplier eFiles regarding what went well in the supplier processes and what needs to be optimized next year, also in terms of material quality.

Doxis is available in 13 languages

Multilingualism & Unicode capability make Doxis the ideal ECM platform for multinational deployment.

Doxis is highly scalable with a multi-tenant architecture that can be rolled out globally and managed centrally. Doxis is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian and Arabic. This means that multinational companies can provide their decentralized purchasing teams user interfaces and metadata in their respective local languages thanks to Doxis.

Guide: Next-generation enterprise content management

This guide helps you understand how an ECM system can help improve efficiency within an organization while also cutting costs. With practical decision guides, real-life examples and checklists, the guide will make it easier for you to find and launch the DMS solution that best meets your requirements.

How SEW-EURODRIVE achieved an ROI of 336%

Forrester Consulting studied the total economic impact of Doxis Intelligent Content Automation at our customer SEW-EURODRIVE. Discover the significant findings of this independent study.

Purchasing teams interlinked worldwide

Duravit is represented in more than 120 countries – and requires materials for its sanitary fixtures in all locations. Sales and purchasing are using Doxis to work together across all international locations and manage global supplier relations. Find out here how Duravit uses Doxis to do this in multiple languages.

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