Best Practice Aareal Bank Group

Area of application DMS with electronic housing records,electronic organization manual (blue book)for written rules of procedure
Industry Banks
Employees 933
Turnover 366 million euros
Headquarters Wiesbaden, Germany
Integration SAP, ISIS PAPYRUS, PTS, BK@01
Project scope worldwide


  • Complex record and documentorganization (paper- based andelectronic)
  • System diversity
  • No consistent digital businessprocess management
  • High processing costs
  • No centralized archiving


  • Create transparent document andrecord organization
  • Consolidate system landscape
  • Make information readily availablethrough networked systems
  • Establish high quality and speed inbusiness processes
  • Reduce personnel and materialcosts


  • Doxis4 Content Repository, also forpayment transaction documents
  • Electronic residential record with five sub- records
  • Electronic organization manual;the "blue book" for written rulesof precedure
  • Contract generation workflow

Project overview


The Aareal Bank Group, based out of Wiesbaden, Germany, is a leading international provider offinancial solutions and services. Many different systemsadded to the application landscapehad beenover the years, which is why the bank decided to modernize and consolidate its applicationlandscape with the enterprise content management (ECM) platform Doxis4. The company benefitsgreatly from it. The platform includes the electronic organization manual, called the blue book,which was launched with Doxis4 modules. The company uses the blue book to document businessprocesses, organizational structures and corporate instructions according to legal and internalrequirements. The information is available to all employees via the intranet. Another highlight isthe electronic residential record with a contract generation workflow.


  • Long- standing and trusting relationship with SER
  • Strong industry expertise in financial and loan service provider sector
  • Extendability, usability and look and feel of the Doxis4 iECM suite


Doxis4 iECM suite with an archive, DMS, workflow, eRecords, automated invoice captureand verification, contract management, and more




Over 600,000 documents


350 users


  • 2010: Replaced the old archive with Doxis4 iECM suite incl. archive and DMS
  • 2011: Launched electronic organization manual (blue book) based on Doxis4 for written rulesof procedure; automated inbound invoice processing and verification
  • 2012: Introduced electronic residential recordsn2013: Launched an IT operating manual based on Doxis4
  • 2014: Added contract generation workflow to residential records
  • 2015: Launched electronic business partner records
  • 2016: Automated inbound mail processing, Doxis4 eMail Manager


  • Holistic processing and management of documents throughout the process chain
  • Cross- location access to eRecords
  • Better ability to provide information to third parties (e.g. auditors) with the documentation process of the written rules of procedure
  • Faster, higher quality invoice capturing, automated data transferal to SAP

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