Company LBS
Area of application Managing building loan agreements with archive, DMS and eRecords
Industry Building society (public institution)
Employees 300
Turnover Total building loans of €14.2 billion (2013)
Headquarters Mainz
Integration LBS Neu system
Project scope Rhineland-Palatinate

Brief Project Description

Initial situation

Before the introduction of the optical archive, all post was received for processing in paper form. Around 50 to 100 items of paper post were received every day. It was difficult to find out which employee had started dealing with a particular item. Paper documents were filed in large folders which meant that looking for a particular document was often difficult and took a long time. It took employees a long time to find the documents that they needed for a particular process. By introducing the DMS and archive solutions, we aimed to create an audit-proof filing system and improve the way that changes to documents are logged. It was also important that users were able to choose from different types of storage system.

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