Intelligent document processing with Doxis

SER is a Leader: IDC MarketScape for Intelligent Document Processing 2023

Are you harnessing the full power of your data?

IDP is a form of intelligent automation that uses AI to automatically capture, classify, extract, validate, analyze and organize data in accessible formats.

Free up time

Relieve your employees from manual, time-consuming tasks and improve efficiency by speeding up the flow of information.  

Uncover value

Turn data from numbers and texts into insights and uncover the untapped value of any document. 

Improve decision-making

High quality data extraction and contextual AI enable you to make smart decisions based on intelligent insights. 

Step 1


Doxis captures documents through scanning, manual uploads, mass import of files, email or directly saving documents. From individual stations, communal team scanners and companywide departments, Doxis supports various scanning scenarios. This means users can upload documents in any situation. Doxis' OCR ability to generate machine-readable texts ensures that documents are accurately captured for the next steps.

Step 2


Once documents are ingested, they are analyzed and then categorized by document type such as invoices, contracts or applications. Once the document type has been identified, Doxis then triggers the follow-up processes, ensuring documents go through the correct people and departments.

Step 3


Doxis uses a combination of technologies to extract metadata, including various ML algorithms, LLMs and rule-based capabilities. Together they achieve the optimal results for any use case and uncover insights as well as categorize and organize documents. In addition, predefined rules can be used to improve efficiency and accuracy. 

Step 4


The data extracted by Doxis is automatically validated against internal and external data sources, ensuring data is correct in the context of your business. Human validation adds a layer of quality assurance that can be applied in business processes and across sensitive data. This combination reduces manual processing saving huge amounts of time and resource and ensures data is of the highest quality.

Step 5

Process automation

Intelligent document processing is just the beginning of seamless end-to-end business processes. With data stored and processed you can kickstart the automation of processes across your ecosystem, giving you a 360° view of business that powers connection, collaboration and content understanding. 

We are processing much more than we used to with the same amount of people. We can do more without hiring people and follow up many more quotations.

Benefits of intelligent document processing with Doxis

Make well informed decisions

Enhanced data accuracy and agile business rules help you to lower the risk of decisions being made based on flawed information. Access context information such as historical data and related documents for well-informed decision-making.

Work quickly and efficiently

Accelerate the processing of documents such as invoices, claims, and applications to optimize operations and elevate customer service. Minimize manual data entry, freeing teams for high-value tasks.

Standardize workflows, increase progress

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and customize workflows to meet departmental needs, ensuring a consistent standard across operations.

Scale operations with ease

Effortlessly manage fluctuating document volumes without overcommitting resources or inflating costs. Grow with ease, adapting to new document types and processes.

Elevate the customer experience

Improve response times and provide personalized interactions driven by AI insights from the customer document history, redefining customer service.

Compliance made simple

Ensure transparency with detailed logs and process visibility for robust audit trails to meet legal requirements. Safeguard sensitive data and ensure EU GDPR compliance through enhanced security features.

SER is a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Intelligent Document Processing 2023*

We are very excited to announce that SER has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Intelligent Document Processing 2023 report!

As a Leader, the report says, “From classification and extraction to support for emerging document understanding capabilities, SER Group’s IDP and AI solutions help its users harness information for better decision-making and expedited workflows.”

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FAQs about intelligent document processing

What is intelligent document processing (IDP)?
Intelligent document processing (IDP) is used by businesses to process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from document-centric files into usable information. IDP leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate extraction and interpretation of data from a wide range of formats. IDP is useful for businesses handling large volumes of data and documents from verticals such as healthcare, finance and the logistics sectors.
How does intelligent document processing work?
Intelligent document processing (IDP) converts physical documents into digitized forms using optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to extract and arrange data into structured formats and include value-specific information. Machine learning algorithms continuously improve the system's accuracy by learning from each interaction, thereby optimizing the data extraction process over time.
What are the benefits of intelligent document processing?
The benefits of intelligent document processing (IDP) are improved processing time, end-to-end processing, enhanced data quality, increased accuracy, improved efficiency, time savings and customer satisfaction due to being able to handle large volumes of data easily. Additionally, IDP solutions improve compliance and governance by maintaining a high level of data security and traceability.
What is the difference between intelligent document processing and automated document processing?
The difference between intelligent document processing (IDP) and automated document processing (ADP) are that intelligent document processing uses advanced technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, whereas automated document processing relies primarily on optical character recognition technology. While both aim to streamline document handling, IDP is distinct in its use of AI to process and understand data.