Successful appearance at Russian "BPM Day" conference

(April 15, 2015 - Bonn / Moskau) On 15 April 2015, the SER Group took part in "BPM Day" in Moscow. SER took the opportunity of the BPM (business process management) industry conference to present its completely re-imagined Doxis4 BPM software to the Russian IT market for the first time.

BPM Day was organised by TAdviser – a renowned agency for business automation in Russia – and brought together the major volume and key suppliers for the Russian BPM market in Moscow. The event involved discussion of questions including "When is BPM needed and when is it not necessary?" and "How will the BPM market continue to develop?".

In line with the key topic "Integration of BPM with ECM systems", the SER Group presented its completely re-imagined, hybrid business process management solution in Moscow. Doxis4 BPM combines the previously separate software systems for ECM and BPM, which traditionally required complex work in order to integrate them into an application, middleware or portal layer. The new Doxis4 BPM manages all information objects and services in an ECM & BPM context in a standardised and service-oriented platform (SOA). It is the basis for the content repository with electronic archiving, DMS, records management, collaboration and the new Task and Process Management systems. All solutions can either be combined with one another or used individually and independently.

TAdviser (Technologies + Adviser) is a Russian analytical agency with its own news portal. For many years, the agency has been generating a unique IT database with information about the key vendors, systems and services in Russia and the CIS states, and about IT projects implemented by Russian companies in 37 industries. TAdviser already reaches 310,000 users, with a constant growth of 26% every six months. The majority of its audience is made up of corporate customers interested in complete and objective information about the Russian IT market from an independent source.

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