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Swing carousel or Ferris wheel?

| Julia Pedak

The world-famous Oktoberfest opens its doors this weekend. Will you be riding the swing carousel or the Ferris wheel? When it comes to digitalizing your business processes, it's easy to feel lost in the hustle and bustle. But not if you have the right strategy in place. Follow our handy tips on how to make it work for you.

Let's take a trip to the Oktoberfest fairground. You may prefer to start on a small ride before working your way up to the Ferris wheel. A flexible and scalable ECM platform applies same principle to the digitalization of your business.

Jump aboard

Many companies making a start on digitalization begin with solutions for individual departments – for instance, invoice management for the accounts team, an archive solution for machine data or HR files, or contract management. The positive experiences gained by initial users soon create a ripple effect: ECM projects rapidly pick up pace and more departments want to ride the ECM carousel. The advantage for subsequent departments: They can tap into their colleagues' know-how during roll-out. In addition, they benefit from the software's platform approach with uniform metadata and shared services. The result? Project lead times are significantly shortened and the swing carousel becomes the "ECM Ferris wheel" with a place for every department.

Hit the ground running – company-wide

Businesses that aim high don't want to spend long on the small rides: They head right to the Ferris wheel. From a company perspective, the separate cars of the ECM Ferris wheel offer a place for all departments. At the same time, the departments are all interconnected. In the same way the struts and cross bars of a real Ferris wheel intersect, the ECM platform provides a complete framework that securely supports the digitalization of your entire business. From digital inbound mail processing to the review and approval of project applications, processes can be implemented seamlessly across multiple departments. Information flows and collaboration between all areas of the company gain momentum – regardless of how big your ECM Ferris wheel becomes or how fast your business may turn.

Builds virtually overnight

Ever seen a carousel or Ferris wheel appear overnight? It's all down to their flexible modular construction. The ECM platform works on the same principle, allowing you to plug in any number of applications. Doxis4 offers a variety of quick-start business templates to make roll-out a cinch. And if you soon find that company departments are lining up to jump aboard, simply expand your ECM platform from a swing carousel to a Ferris wheel and incorporate the diverse demands of your teams in parallel. Don't stay trapped in the haunted house with scary old isolated solutions around every corner: Choose a flexible ECM solution like Doxis4 for your digitalization strategy.

Company-wideECM platform

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Julia Pedak

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