Certified security for your electronic archiving

Doxis4 IDW PS 880 certification

Certified for IDW PS 880

With Doxis4, your electronic archiving conforms to the German auditing standard IDW PS 880.

Deloitte, an internationally renowned auditing firm, has certified that Doxis4 meets the requirements of IDW PS 880. Thanks to its guaranteed security, with Doxis4 you can rest assured that your electronic archiving is completely audit-proof. The certification demonstrates to auditors of the annual financial statements that your IT systems are suited to this purpose.

Doxis4 audit

The auditing company Deloitte audited Doxis4 and the software development process in accordance with the stringent standards set out by the German Institute of Public Auditors (IDW). They found that, when used correctly, Doxis4 enables you to:

  • Compliantly manage the documents and data needed for accounting
  • Store them in line with audit requirements, and
  • Archive them in compliance with legal retention periods

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