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Doxis safeLock makes you EU GDPR-ready

In April 2016 the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) was adopted. Over time, member states were getting ready for these new data protection laws. E.g. Germany adopted the law in compliance with this regulation in February 2017. This new regulation intends to strengthen data protection for individuals within EU and target companies that gather, process, store, and analyze personal data. The right to erasure (formerly known as “the right to be forgotten”) is also new, giving customers, employees, and partners the right to access their data and demand data deletion. In the case of noncompliance penalties up to several million euros can be implied. But worry no more as SER has a solution for you: Doxis safeLock.

The right to erasure vs. audit security

In accordance with legal retention periods, certain personal documents must be stored in an audit-proof way and prevented from deletion or manipulation. The individual rights to erasure stand in contrast to these retention periods. With its deletion and storage management components Doxis supports companies to comply to both requirements.  The Doxis safeLock guarantees traceability and compliance with EU GDPR while enabling firms to delete audit proof archived information.

Security — even if the retention period is unknown

Our smart solution provides you with a way to automatically manage retention rules and deletion deadlines, e.g. for contracts. Moreover, deletion locks can be removed if compliant with the EU GDPR. All deletions are traceable and can also be automated if the documents have no legal obligation as per retention periods; article 17, paragraph 3 EU GDPR.

A fast way to provide customers information

Companies are therefore always able to give information while also generating important proof of who accessed and modified which documents and when.

Doxis enables your customers, employees, and partners to access sensitive personal data and documents in a structured and machine-readable way. As a company you are always able to provide the requested information. At the same time important proof of who accessed and modified which documents and when is trace in the audit trail.

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