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Turn (information) black holes into innovation

| Julia Pedak

It was an image that touched everyone around the globe: The international team of the project Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) successfully created the first image of a black hole in space! When it comes to information, black holes are a real problem. Whatever enters a black hole will never escape — a phenomenon that too many companies experience. At the event ”From Now to the Digital Future” on May 21st in Bonn, the opening keynote speech by EHT Chairman Dr. Anton Zensus and other innovation experts will tell you how black holes can be turned into true innovations.

What causes information black holes?

Department archives, local file directories, personal email mailboxes: Information is collected at many different locations of a company. And this is where things go wrong in information management: Once documents, emails and tasks are saved somewhere, they stay there. Sure, the person who stores the information will (hopefully?) know where to find it— but the rest of us are left in the dark. It’s not just users who are blundering around in the dark. Our information, hard to find and scattered chaotically across storage locations, is essentially in a black hole.

Time to shed light on the darkness

Is it impossible to capture something like a black hole? The scientists of the EHT project have given a resounding answer: No! With the right technology and a well-organized team, they have successfully created the first image of a black hole. It’s time for companies to tap their own innovative spirit to shed light on the black holes in their information management! ECM is the technology that will enable you to achieve this. And an ECM platform such as Doxis can uncover hidden information — much like the EHT radio telescope did with the black hole. An ECM platform empowers companies to have a complete overview of all documents, data and processes. And that's just the beginning! The true goal here is to tap the potential of information intelligently.

Unleash your innovative spirit

What do you want to do with your information? With the right technology, you have countless way to truly innovate:

  • Content federation: Find information and bring it together in the context of the business process. It does not matter where information is created or stored. A new era of intelligent information management is upon us!
  • AI & content analytics: Content analytics and cognitive services are made possible through artificial intelligence. They harness your information and perform, e.g., sentiment analyses in service, detect risks and fraud, identify compliance-relevant information (regarding personal data), and much more.
  • End-to-end digitalization: From smart production processes to digital customer services, through to digital business relationships with external partners — end-to-end digital processes are the future!
  • Collaboration: This is so much more than a catch phrase. In an enterprise context, it means sharing information and integrating people from anywhere in the world into business processes. And this is the prerequisite for the digitalization of your entire business ecosystem.

Find your inspiration

Companies must find a way to unleash their innovative spirit. Two things are needed to do this: First, the right technology, such as the Doxis ECM platform, which enables them to implement these innovations. Second, the corporate culture must be driven by a digital mindset. All this and more will be the focus of the event From Now to the Digital Future on May 21 in Bonn (event in German):

  • Dr. Anton Zensus, Chairman of the EHT project team, will give the opening keynote speech on “Mission (Im)possible: The first image of a black hole”

  • The expert for corporate innovation, Pia Struck, will explain how companies can establish a successful innovative culture
  • Markus D. Hartbauer, Managing Director and member of the SER Innovation Team, will talk about how AI, robotics and mobility are changing our working world
  • Live demonstrations of Doxis & breakout sessions on products and solutions that will inspire you to launch new digital solutions at your company
  • The Zurich Group & the consulting firm DXC will present how to achieve process automation perfection with Doxis
    Take advantage of our event to find inspiration to innovate at your company. Further information and registration here.

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