„An extraordinary combination of technical challenges and intangible assets. What the HistoryCenter is to Storck is similar to what the federal archives are to the Federal Republic of Germany; documented tradition in the age of globalisation!”

Dirk Stentzel, business process technologies manager at AUGUST STORCK KG
August Storck KG
Company August Storck KG
Area of application HistoryCenter of AUGUST STORCK KG
Industry Confectionery industry
Employees Over 5000
Headquarters Berlin
Integration SAP, Microsoft
Project scope Worldwide

Brief Project Description

Initial situation

The HistoryCenter of AUGUST STORCK KG contains materials and media from over 100 years of
company history. There is a huge range of types of material from paper-based originals such as
photographs, photograph albums and price lists to samples for packaging materials such as sweet
wrappers, packet materials and labels as well as a variety of video and audio formats. These
represent a priceless intangible asset to the company, reflecting its Westphalian roots. To preserve
this asset over the coming decades, in addition to restructuring/optimising the retention (storage
location, ambient conditions, etc.) of the physical originals, they were also digitised. As an option for
the future, it was considered important that it should be possible to make the digitised documents
available to a larger group of users and thus allow Storck's history to be experienced.

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