Best Practice August Storck KG

Area of application HistoryCenter of AUGUST STORCK KG
Industry Confectionery industry
Employees Over 5000
Headquarters Berlin
Integration SAP, Microsoft
Project scope Worldwide

An extraordinary combination of technical challenges and intangible assets. What the HistoryCenter is to Storck is similar to what the federal archives are to the Federal Republic of Germany; documented tradition in the age of globalisation!

Dirk Stentzel, business process technologies manager at AUGUST STORCK KG


  • A huge range of diverse materials and media such as photographs, slides, price lists, sweet wrappers, packet materials, labels, videos and audio recordings
  • These intangible assets are to be preserved for future generations


  • A multimedia "HistoryCenter" to reliably preserve valuable documents from the company's history
  • Access for a larger group of users as an option for the future
  • The greatest possible degree of flexibility in the reproduction of archived objects


  • The HistoryCenter of AUGUST STORCK KG runs on the basis of SER's iECM platform Doxis4
  • Different storage concepts for highresolution file formats (for reproduction purposes only) and highly compressed file formats (for searches and display)

Project overview

Initial situation

The HistoryCenter of AUGUST STORCK KG contains materials and media from over 100 years of
company history. There is a huge range of types of material from paper-based originals such as
photographs, photograph albums and price lists to samples for packaging materials such as sweet
wrappers, packet materials and labels as well as a variety of video and audio formats. These
represent a priceless intangible asset to the company, reflecting its Westphalian roots. To preserve
this asset over the coming decades, in addition to restructuring/optimising the retention (storage
location, ambient conditions, etc.) of the physical originals, they were also digitised. As an option for
the future, it was considered important that it should be possible to make the digitised documents
available to a larger group of users and thus allow Storck's history to be experienced.

Reasons for SER

  • AUGUST STORCK KG is a satisfied SER customer of many years' standing and has been using
    SER's archiving solutions for over 20 years
  • The HistoryCenter has been used since 2011 and is integrated seamlessly in the existing


Establishment of a historical company archive (HistoryCenter) for the digital storage of historical
documents and multimedia items relating to the company on the basis of Doxis4.t

Volume of documents

High- resolution file formats: around 16.4 TB; highly compressed file formats: around 1.2 TB (on
completion of the takeover of the originals digitised by an external service provider in 2014)


Corporate Communications department


  • Digitisation of the originals by an external service provider
  • Core attributes are included in the file names and automatically inserted in the application
  • Placement of the documents in the company hierarchy (structured tree)
  • Storage of associated objects in electronic records
  • Searches: attribute- specific, hierarchical via structured tree, full- text
  • Option for the future: expansion of the group of users to include marketing areas with read access
    to items without blocking flags
  • Further option for the future: integration of the collection of press cuttings in the HistoryCenter


  • Preservation of materials and media from 100 years of company history
  • The greatest possible degree of flexibility for reproduction by means of electronic archiving
  • Assurance of long- term legibility and playback of videos and audio recordings

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