Best Practice August Storck KG

Area of application Company-wide ECM with DMS, SAP archiving, inbound communication processing, email archiving and electronic staff records
Industry Confectionery industry
Employees Over 5000
Headquarters Berlin
Integration SAP, Microsoft
Project scope Worldwide

Innovative thinking and pragmatic action, process design and automated sequences: it is not only in information technology that these central components underpin the Storck strategy! Based on SER's iECM Suite, Storck has in place a comprehensive solution for establishing processes that are standard, accepted and transparent worldwide and facilitate access to documents.

Dirk Stentzel, Business Process Technologies, AUGUST STORCK KG


  • With more than a million incoming and outgoing documents to handle every year, the microfilm archive had reached the limits of its capacity by the mid-1990s
  • At the start of the 21st century, 2/3 of all accounting documents STORCK received were in hard copy or arrived by fax
  • Compliance requirements/increase in data volume from emails
  • Existing EPA (electronic staff records system) no longer meets requirements


  • Simultaneous document access unlimited by time or place
  • Maximum possible level of automation: whenever and wherever practical and possible, business processes are to become paperless and move to being managed electronically
  • The new EPA should save time and be more user-friendly, as well as being audit-proof and complying with data protection guidelines


  • Company-wide DMS applications (e.g. HistoryCenter)
  • SAP document archiving
  • Inbound communication processing for accounting, purchasing and sales (e.g. acknowledgements of receipt and ZUGFeRD invoices)
  • Email archiving
  • Electronic staff records

Project overview

Initial situation

The central accounting department processes the invoices for the entire STORCK Group. With more than a million incoming and outgoing documents to handle every year, the existing microfilm archive had reached the limits of its capacity by the mid-1990s. At the start of the 21st century, more than 2/3 of the documents STORCK received were paper-based or arrived by fax. The company needed a high-calibre integration tool in order to establish processes that were standard worldwide. In 1994, AUGUST STORCK KG decided to introduce a central SER archive for accounting. Since then, it has chosen SER software to support many other application scenarios throughout the organisation.

Reasons for SER

  • The decision to choose SER in 1994 was very much influenced by the possibility of an interface with SAP (R/2 and R/3)
  • Being a pioneer in the field of inbound communication processing, SER was ideally placed to extend STORCK 's existing solution at the start of the 21st century
  • A partnership and long-term collaboration had developed between all parties involved in the project


  • Doxis4 iECM Suite with modules for archiving, DMS, SAP interface, inbound communication processing (including electronic invoices with ZUGFeRD), email archiving
  • Solution Package HR for electronic staff records
  • Solution Package for acknowledgements of receipt


SAP (ERP and HCM), Microsoft

Volume of documents

  • DMS (e.g. HistoryCenter): 18 TB (high-resolution and highly compressed file formats)
  • SAP archive: 2.5 TB
  • Email archive: 6 TB (user mail and journaling)




More than 20 years of SER solutions at AUGUST STORCK KG:

  • Mid-1990s: Central SER archive for financial accounting with R/2 interface
  • 1996-1997: Roll-out in purchasing and engineering, gradual integration of international subsidiaries
  • From 1999: Extensive use of ArchiveLink to SAP R/3 interface
  • From 2001: Inbound communication processing for all accounting documents including incoming invoices, export certificates, complaints, payment notifications, etc.
  • 2010: Email archiving for Microsoft Exchange/Outlook incl. journaling
  • 2011: HistoryCenter for historical documents
  • 2012: Electronic staff records (integrated with SAP HCM)
  • 2014: Acknowledgement of receipt, electronic invoices with ZUGFeRD


  • Optimum document management from the perspective of filing, research and information context whilst also taking regulatory requirements into account
  • Process optimisation through automation, e.g. ZUGFeRD-based invoices

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