Best Practice Delvag Versicherungs-AG

Area of application Electronic claims records with workflow-supported settlement process with Doxis BPM
Industry Insurance
Employees 310 (group-wide)
Turnover >70 million euros (gross)
Headquarters Cologne, Germany
Integration MS Office, MS Outlook, special application "SMS" for claims management
Project scope Germany

Electronic records with workflow management has made our claims settlement perceptibly more efficient and has eased collaborative work and cross-departmental cooperation. The eRecords are the basis of new digital services for our customers and partners.

René Schmalen, Head of Aviation Claims, Delvag Versicherungs-AG


  • The growing business volume necessitated a measurable increase in efficiency in claims settlement
  • Close technical link between ECM and portfolio management system needed to avoid redundant data maintenance and retention
  • From the very beginning, the employees had very high expectations of the technical solution


  • Create a basis for digitalization in the company
  • Boost efficiency with electronic document management and support for processes with electronic workflows
  • Make claims processing as paperfree as possible
  • Create a technical basis for Delvag's new digital offers


  • Company- wide ECM on one technological platform
  • Electronic claims records
  • Workflow-supported inbound mail processing
  • Workflow-supported settlement process for claims
  • Payment release process with sample audits
  • Audit-proof archiving

Project overview

Starting point

Increased business volume at Delvag Versicherungs-AG, an insurance firm of the Lufthansa group for air travel, transport and reinsurance coverage, necessitated a measurable boost in efficiency in claims settlements, among other things. The heterogeneous records management system — part paper-based, part electronic — was to be replaced by a uniform digital record solution; business processes were to be supported primarily by workflows. The first step was to optimize processes in claims management. In the future, further processes in the various company areas will also be supported and cross-area collaboration improved. The goal is to tap the automation potential, if it makes business sense. The basis for this is a scalable and functionally adjustable ECM platform that can be rolled out in other areas of Delvag. ECM solutions are technically deeply integrated with the leading portfolio management system to avoid redundant data maintenance and retention.


  • SER's extensive project experience
  • Broad scope of the Doxis4 iECM suite
  • Standardized interfaces to integrate with specialized procedures in insurance and elsewhere


Doxis4 archive, DMS, eRecords, BPM, inbound center, full- text search


MS Office, MS Outlook, special application "SMS" for claims management

Document volume

Approximately 1.8 million documents with 570 GB storage and around 173k eRecords


70 Doxis4 workplaces


  • May 1, 2016: eRecord solution launched to manage claims records; comprehensive payment
    release process (incl. sample audits)
  • Workflow-supported inbound mail processing incl. emails. Inbound documents assigned to
    records throughout case processing with the BPM service
  • Workflow-supported deadline management, e.g. for recourse cases
  • 2017: Launch contract records for aviation and transport insurance
  • Roll- out: In the mid- term, entire company is to work with eRecords. The overarching processes
    should be digitally represented in the system


  • Efficient claims processing
  • Claims documents easier to use, e.g. while traveling or at customer appointments
  • Highlight: The users have greater security in task completion and are encouraged to stick to the
    process, because the BPM engine and the available interfaces allow (partial) automation of

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