Best Practice DOGEWO21

Area of application Electronic records in property management
Industry Property management
Employees 150 (2016)
Turnover Around 89 million euros (2015)
Headquarters Dortmund, Germany
Integration SAP
Project scope Dortmund, Germany

In just one click, our employees are quickly and completely informed. Our Doxis4 rental records offer cross-system access to all relevant property information!

Armin Freitag, CIO, DOGEWO21


  • No complete overview of records and documents
  • Inefficient processes and long processing times
  • Inbound paper documents took too long to get to processor


  • Manage rental contracts and properties more efficiently
  • Shorten processing times for rental contracts/records
  • Optimize process support
  • Improve collaboration between headquarters and sales offices
  • Enable seamless SAP integration


  • Electronic rental records for approximately 16k properties
  • Further eRecords for housing units, potential customers, etc.
  • Ad hoc workflow as a workbasket solution to distribute inbound mail
  • Automatic archiving of SAP outbound documents (COLD)
  • Electronic inbound invoice processing

Project overview

Starting point

With approximately 16,000 properties in its portfolio, DOGEWO is the largest property management firm in Dortmund. DOGEWO has been deploying an SER archive already since 2002. To manage rental contracts and housing properties more efficiently, further record types with special digital record models (e.g. for housing units, potential customers, etc.) were added in 2005 to the rental contract records. To speed up mail distribution, a workbasket solution was also launched that forwards inbound documents in digital form to the responsible employee. The property management system from SAP was deeply integrated with SER's solutions so that rental contract records that are set up in SAP are automatically generated in Doxis4. Further workflows are being planned.


  • Satisfaction with SER's rental contract record solution already in use
  • Flexibly extendible records management solution
  • Geographic proximity of SER to DOGEWO headquarters in Dortmund


Doxis4 archive, DMS, workflows, eRecords for rental contracts, housing and rental units, potential customers, etc. FIPS archiving from SAP, inbound invoice processing with SAP integration


SAP (integrated real estate management)

Document volume

Approx. 3 million documents in the current archive; around 200,000 documents added each year


125 users


  • SER archive customer since 2002
  • 2005: Launched Doxis records management and implemented an ad hoc workflow as a
    workbasket solution for faster distribution of inbound documents
  • In the years thereafter, DOGEWO launched further eRecords, e.g. rental unit records, housing unit
    records, potential customer records
  • Workflow-supported inbound invoice processing with SAP integration
  • 2014: SER solution was migrated to the latest product generation, Doxis4
  • Further workflows were launched, e.g. inventory workflow (release workflow for property
  • Doxis4 connection to an app for property transferals


  • Better and more structured overview of all documents
  • More efficient work practices lead to better performance in property management
  • Faster searches for archived documents thanks to combined search options

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