Best Practice Dürr Dental AG

Area of application Automated inbound invoice processing and archiving.
Industry Medical equipment
Employees 400 at headquarters, 1000 worldwide
Turnover Over €200 million (2012)
Headquarters Bietigheim-Bissingen
Integration Infor ERP, from June 2014 IFS Applications
Project scope Germany

As planned, it took only five months from order placement to the point when SER InvoiceMaster went live. The system has been running smoothly ever since, and integration with the ERP system ensures an electronic process from start to finish.

Ralf Durst, Head of IT at Dürr Dental


  • Manual invoice processing was inefficient and subject to errors
  • There was media discontinuity between paper-based invoice processing and further processing in the ERP system
  • Auditing based on paper documents was a lengthy process lacking in transparency
  • There was no current overview of liabilities


  • Greater efficiency of accounts-payable accounting
  • Faster, error-free invoice capture
  • Standardised review processes
  • Greater clarity with regard to accounts-payable invoices
  • Integration with ERP system: automatic data transfer
  • Documents found more easily


  • Automated invoice management with the Doxis4 InvoiceMaster
  • Automated invoice scanning and data transfer to Infor ERP/IFS Applications
  • Workflow-managed auditing
  • Connection of Doxis4 InvoiceMaster to the existing archive
  • Automated auditing in accordance with Paragraph 14(4) of the UStG

Project overview

Initial situation

The entirely paper-based processing of incoming invoices repeatedly involved problems resulting from the media discontinuity between incoming paper documents and the subsequent electronic processing of the invoice data in the ERP system. The process of manual data entry in the ERP system was subject to error and very time-consuming. Auditing on the basis of paper documents was a laborious process with a lack of transparency. Automated invoice management was expected to standardise and speed up invoice capture and auditing in accounts-payable accounting.

Reasons for SER

  • SER showed how the Doxis4 solution could be used to deal with customer-specific problems.
  • SER has a high level of market penetration with more than 1 million users in projects
  • Customer-oriented, flexible user interface


  • Doxis4 Capture for scanning up to 300,000 pages per year
  • Automated invoice reader (Doxis4 Invoice Master Read) which transfers data to the ERP system
  • Workflow-managed auditing (Doxis4 InvoiceMaster Control)


ERP system: Infor ERP, from June 2014 IFS Applications

Volume of documents

Around 150 invoices a day, up to 300,000 pages a year


100 users


  • The Doxis4 invoice management solution went live just five months after the order was placed
  • Paper invoices scanned as soon as they are received by the company, automatic read-out of the header and position data included, data transferred to the ERP system
  • Workflow-managed auditing
  • Invoices and delivery notes are filed
  • In 2014, Doxis4 InvoiceMaster was integrated into the new ERP system, IFS Applications


The amount of work staff have to do to capture invoice data is significantly reduced. Issuers of invoices could be identified largely automatically by the time of the project launch. Data extraction and suggested account assignments speed the process up considerably. As a result of electronic logging, the accounts department can maintain a clear overview of all liabilities at all times and thus has an accurate basis for liquidity planning.

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