Best Practice EDEKA Nord

Area of application Professional property management with electronic records.
Industry Retail
Employees 5700
Turnover €2.5 billion
Headquarters Neumünster
Integration Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office
Project scope Northern Germany

Working with paper records is now almost inconceivable for our staff.

Thomas Steiner, ECM project manager in the Organisation department at EDEKA Nord


  • Unclear organisation of existing documents
  • Large volume of records with orders, acceptances, logs, etc.
  • Existing stock of around 500 folders of records
  • Digitisation of 64,000 paper documents


  • All object-related documents directly accessible
  • Documents in electronic property records can be made available quickly and easily in a paperless process
  • An uncomplicated process for taking electronic property records out of the office
  • Online access to property records


  • Electronic property records
  • Email archiving for IBM Notes
  • Archiving of Microsoft Office documents
  • Mobile access via web client

Project overview

Initial situation

Property management at EDEKA Nord forms a separate department of around 30 staff. Each property has its own record – which is often very extensive – with plans, contracts, ongoing invoices, etc. Employees in property management are often required to travel to the markets that they deal with as part of their job. Before going on these trips, the staff have to compile the documents required for the project in physical reference files to take with them. Instead of carrying heavy briefcases full of orders, acceptances, logs, etc. with them everywhere, the staff should be able to use a check-out/check-in function to transfer the electronic property records for their stores to their notebooks and then edit them there.

Reasons for SER

  • Long-standing successful business relationship with SER
  • Expertise and adherence to deadlines
  • Flexibility of a mid-sized company based in Germany


  • Electronic property records based on Doxis4 Records Management
  • Doxis4 archive (Content Repository) with full-text search
  • Smart Notes for email archiving from IBM Notes
  • Smart Office for archiving MS Office documents


IBM Notes, MS Office

Volume of documents

Around 64,000 documents of up to 10 pages were migrated to the electronic folder structure of the property records.
500 folders were digitised. Current stock of documents: 170,000 documents.


All 30 property management staff


The electronic property record system was introduced with electronic folders for correspondence, contracts, excerpts from the commercial register, maintenance contracts, etc. Migration of the record documents. Remote access to the records over the Internet. As planned, individual records were initially taken out of the office by means of a check-in/check-out function. Subsequently, this system was replaced with remote access over the Internet. Each property manager therefore now has a notebook with a UMTS dongle that provides secure access to the company's headquarters in Neumünster.


Property managers now travel light with nothing more than a notebook. It is no longer necessary to compile a lot of physical reference files. Online access to the property records means that property managers have access to the documents they require at any time and from anywhere.

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