Best Practice FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH

Area of application Roll-out of the Doxis iECM suite with digital dealership records and SAP integration
Industry Banks
Employees 248
Turnover €2.1 billion
Headquarters Heilbronn
Integration SAP, Microsoft Outlook and Office
Project scope Germany and Austria

SER has been a reliable partner of ours for many years. The company is ready to step in with its innovative, customer-oriented approach whenever needed.

Klaus Bentz, Chairman of FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH


  • Parallel ECM migration and SAP roll-out
  • Migration of around 17 million existing documents
  • System migration during ongoing operations
  • Checking of the outgoing scanned documents for completeness


  • Removal of media discontinuity between dealership-related paper and electronic documents
  • Merging of distributed data and documents (Office, email, CRM) in the electronic records system
  • Electronic processing of dealership contracts by means of the dealership records system


  • Doxis4 iECM suite with archive, DMS, eRecords, SAP integration
  • Digital dealership records
  • Fax-to-mail solution (email importer)
  • Doxis4 fast entry with barcode and completeness check for externally scanned documents

Project overview

Initial situation

The car-finance bank FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH (formerly FGA Bank Germany GmbH) has been an SER customer since 1996. Since that time, all loan contracts, associated documents, correspondence, etc. relating to the business with the consumer have been stored in the SER archive. This replaced the microfiche archive. In 2014, in the course of migration to Doxis4, the latest SER product generation, three SAP systems (CRM, ECC and BS) were to be linked to the SER archive and the electronic dealership records system was to be implemented. The dealership records were kept on paper up to that point and stored in filing cabinets in the department. The objectives were to process all car-financing deals on the basis of electronic documents and to remove media discontinuities in dealership financing. Since all FCA Bank's paper documents are scanned by an external service provider, completeness has to be ensured. In other words, it has to be checked that all incoming paper documents have been scanned and archived.

Reasons for SER

  • Long-standing relationship with SER based on mutual trust
  • Outstanding solution expertise for meeting specific requirements
  • Additional options for process optimisation as a result of migration to Doxis4, e.g. with the electronic records management

The solution

Doxis4 iECM suite: archive, DMS, electronic records, Inbound Center eMail Importer (fax-to-mail)


SAP CRM, ECC, BS, BA and Microsoft Exchange

Volume of documents

Around 17 million legacy documents, 2,500 e-records with a volume of around 1.5 TB. Growth of around 1 million documents a year


Around 170


  • Migration of legacy data from ITA to Doxis4
  • Parallel SAP and Doxis4 roll-out with SAP integration: 1 April 2014 for Austria, 1 October 2014 for Germany
  • Doxis4 ArchiveChecker tool for checking the scanned and archived documents
  • Roll-out of the digital dealership records in the dealership financing department
  • Closing of the paper archive following the roll-out of the dealership records


  • Fully electronic handling of dealership financing with dealership records
  • Access to process-based documents archived in Doxis4
  • Location-independent concurrent access to all documents for users at all times
  • Documents can directly be transferred to the digital record system from a wide variety of applications without media discontinuity

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