Best Practice FEV Europe GmbH/FEV Group GmbH

Area of application How ECM and change management are permanently changing the future of an industrial company
Industry Automotive engineering
Employees >4,000 worldwide at 35 locations across 4 continents
Turnover 460 million euros (2015)
Headquarters Aachen, Germany
Integration SAP/IFS
Project scope Worldwide

Global strategies demand global methods. With a solid ECM platform like that of Doxis4, it is easy to access and connect information across all departments and company lines. Transparency and efficiency are the end result.

Georg Genender, Corporate IT, FEV Europe GmbH


  • Many different requirements from departments to digitize complex business processes
  • Direct access to information needed, also information sharing among the international locations
  • Launching an ECM requires user acceptance, from departments to management


  • Provide a uniform ECM technological platform for all corporate areas and business processes
  • Establish and implement a companywide ECM strategy
  • Manage the growing volume of documents and data across the globe


  • Doxis4 iECM platform for the departments' diverse ECM and BPM requirements
  • Automated vendor invoice processing (2 ERP)
  • Digital HR record
  • Digital corporate record (global app)
  • Process management in legal affairs
  • Various contract management areas
  • Email archiving for Microsoft Exchange

Project overview

Starting point

Digitalization poses diverse challenges for international technology and industrial firms like the FEV Group and their IT teams: A company- wide ECM strategy was needed to fulfill the various requirements of the departments. One requirement was the digitalization of increasingly complex business processes. The second was the need to provide all of the international locations with direct access to information and to facilitate information sharing. Finally, FEV needed a solution for handling its growing document and data volume. ECM gives FEV a means of fulfilling various special requirements and of digitally representing new strategic tasks on a global and consistent technological platform. FEV decided to go with the Doxis4 iECM suite to implement its ECM strategy worldwide. The first projects are already complete.


  • SER's deep understanding of FEV's situation and needs
  • The SER Group's international orientation
  • The BPM focus of Doxis4
  • Collaboration options and solution scope


Doxis4 archive, DMS, InvoiceMaster Read, InvoiceMaster Control, BPM, eMail Manager for 3.5k mailboxes/MS Exchange (journaling/text mining), HR records, contract management



Document volume

Storage solution for 200 TB data volume, successively extendable


Approx. 3k users from accounting, management, the legal department and other FEV employees who verify invoices using a web workflow and Outlook in an Exchange archive


  • 2016: Launched automated inbound invoice processing and archiving (paper-based and email)
    with workflow-supported invoice verification
  • 2017: Launch digital HR records connected to SAP HCM; migrate scanned legacy records
  • Rolled out inbound invoice processing in other German subsidiaries and in North America
  • Start contract management (several departments)
  • Add electronic process management to the legal department
  • Launch corporate records (global management application)


  • Quickly process inbound invoices to ensure profitable cash management
  • Fast implementation of further ECM and BPM applications on the existing Doxis4 ECM platform
  • Transition from available solution packages to individual ECM and BPM solutions

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