Best Practice Fraport AG

Area of application Modern digital information logistics
Industry Airport operator
Employees 10,200 in Germany, 20,600 worldwide for the Fraport company (2017)
Turnover 2.93 billion euros (2017)
Headquarters Frankfurt am Main
Integration SAP, airport operational database "INFOplus"
Project scope Germany

The close cooperation with SER paid off from the very beginning and has continued throughout project support.

Jürgen Grewe, Product/Solution Developer SAP Systems, Fraport AG


  • Meeting legal requirements of long- term, audit-proof archiving
  • All company information should be readily available in every business process
  • Integration into ERP and HCM, the leading SAP systems, and into the central flight plan database "INFOplus" (passenger orientation system)


  • Ensure that everything runs smoothly in airport management
  • Support business processes with digital documents
  • Enable SAP-based access to archived documents
  • Reduce load of SAP systems to boost performance
  • Create more transparency and efficiency in invoice processing


  • Digital long- term archive for SAPsupported processes, incl. material management, HR, accounting, sales, real estate management
  • Automated invoice management with invoice ledger
  • Information logistics for Frankfurt airport expansion

Project overview

Starting point

The internationalization of the Frankfurt Airport company that began in 1998 heralded in a new area of document management: With SER as its partner, the company built its first digital archive to store HR and construction documents. The major reasons for a digital archive for business documents were the same back then as they are today: one, to fulfill the legal requirements for long- term and audit-proof storage and, two, to provide uniform access to all company information and ensure it can be utilized at any time in a business processes. The SER archive was continuously extended after that and further modules were launched, including automated invoice management and inbound mail processing.


  • Flexibility in accommodating specific requirements
  • The scaling options of SER's solutions
  • Doxis4's strengths from a business and technical perspective


Doxis4 archive, DMS, InvoiceMaster Read and SAP Control (S), and eMail Importer


SAP ERP, SAP HCM, airport operational database "INFOplus"

Document volume

8.7 million documents (1.3 terabytes) migrated to Doxis4; current pool >10 million


Ca. 2,300 employees


  • 1998: Launched SER digital archive; at first to archive HR and construction documents
  • 2002: Initiated SAP connection: archiving inbound/outbound invoices; SAP business workflows
    for further processing/verification
  • 2003: Extended digital archiving to further document types, e.g. inbound invoices in construction,
    up to 300 pages per invoice
  • 2004: Started SAP data archiving to reduce load and improve performance
  • 2012: Upgraded to Doxis4; switched during operation
  • 2014: Automated inbound invoice processing
  • 2016: Electronic document management for airport expansion: program measures for passive
    sound insulation and building Terminal 3 with SAP integration


  • The processing times with Doxis4 are considerably shorter for employees
  • Transparent inbound invoice processing through early scanning of invoice documents and an
    invoice verification workflow
  • SAP/Doxis4 integration makes it easier to implement measures for passive sound insulation

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