Best Practice HANSA-FLEX AG

Area of application Electronic personnel records
Industry Mechanical engineering in hydraulics
Employees 3,600 employees worldwide; 2,000 of which in Germany
Turnover 380 million euros
Headquarters Bremen, Germany
Integration SAP
Project scope Germany

The digital personnel record was the first step in our company's digitalization strategy. It gives us an efficient process structure so that we can save on time and costs in HR management.

Nina Orywal, Human Resource Manager, HANSA-FLEX AG


  • Approx. 2,000 paper records had to be digitally archived; existing records required structuring
  • Record copies stored decentrally throughout subsidiaries
  • Records had an ineffective chronological structure
  • Managers working outside of HQ had no record access
  • Lack of space in the archive for the existing paper records


  • Save time through faster record and document searches
  • Cut costs
  • Ensure audit security
  • Improve data quality
  • Replace decentralized record parts


  • Electronic archiving of all active personnel records
  • Electronic personnel records
  • Further Doxis4 solutions at Hansa-Flex: Archiving; Inbound invoice processing; Inbound mail processing; SAP data archiving

Project overview

Starting Point

The hydraulics specialist HANSA-FLEX wanted to expand on its existing SER archive landscape and make it a company-wide ECM solution. After automating inbound invoice processing, the electronic records were the next in line. The Bremen-based HR department, responsible for approximately 2,000 employees in Germany, initiated the introduction of electronic personnel records. The records, stored in traditional binders up until then, were to be transferred to electronic records. The goal was to eliminate complex search and filing processes in paper records. Each HR employee was spending an average of one hour per day searching for and filing documents. With the Doxis4 solution for the HR department, approximately 2,000 active personnel records were to be digitized. Furthermore, the decentralized storage of record parts were to be eliminated.


  • Due to the successful long-term partnership between HANSA-FLEX and SER, already since 1992,
    it was a clear decision for the HR team to work with SER
  • It was possible to use the existing integrated Doxis4 ECM infrastructure for personnel records
  • High satisfaction among users who were already using SER solutions


Lager 3000 GmbH: service provider for initial archiving/digitalization of paper records


Archive, DMS, BPM, inbound invoice processing, personnel records management



Document volume

About 2,000 active personnel records with ca. 100 documents each


15 users in HR department/development at the headquarters. Another 100 managers have access to
the system


  • SER customer since 1992, incl. archive, DMS, SAP data archive, automated inbound invoice
    processing and mail processing, eRecords for production-related documents
  • Personnel records management: Internal preparation phase: process analysis, structuring
    folders, etc., target/status quo analysis, project planning, selecting scanning service provider,
    implementation, test phase, go-live
  • Further ECM solutions to be launched: contract management and supplier records


  • For the company: More efficient HR management with consistently structured personnel records,
    immediate ability to supply information in phone calls, audit and brand security in storing
    personnel records, lower paper consumption
  • For the users: Faster means of finding documents and records, quicker and easier filing of
    documents, direct access to required personnel records

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