Best Practice Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

Area of application ECM platform with archive, DMS, eRecords, inbound mail
Industry Electrical engineering and automation
Employees 14,500
Turnover 1.91bn euros (2015)
Headquarters Blomberg, Germany
Integration SAP
Project scope Worldwide

Doxis4 has a high integration[nbsp]capability and flexibility for[nbsp]creating efficient processes.

Dirk Kuhlmann, Informatics & Organization – Demand Management, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG


  • No easy way of filing documents/data from SAP in audit-proof way
  • No functions/tools available that offer DMS
  • Diverse demands from specialized areas for an internationally deployable document management system
  • High volume legacy archive


  • Create a uniform, joint DMS platform that fulfills the demands
  • Fulfill legal requirements for retaining business documents (emails, invoices, business correspondence...) and ensure traceability in decision-making


  • Electronic process and order records
  • An "invoice post office"
  • Electronic contract management
  • Facility management
  • Email archiving for Lotus Notes with journal archiving

Project overview

Starting point

Founded in 1923, the German family business Phoenix Contact currently produces and sells electrical engineering and automation products and solutions around the world. Before Doxis4 was launched, Phoenix only used a simple audit-proof filing system for documents and SAP data. There were no DMS functions. The specialty areas, however, required an internationally deployable document management system that effectively and quickly connects structured and unstructured data from various perspectives. Phoenix needed a DMS system that could be integrated into the technical and softwaretechnical environment and that captured legacy data.


  • SER's stability, its strong support in international projects in the Phoenix group, market presence
    and references
  • Doxis4 scored points for its high scalability, large functional scope, complete standard interfaces
    for research, records, and workbasket/workflow, and for its alternative uses in rich content and
    browser content with nearly the same functional scopesolutions


Doxis4: archive, DMS, contract management, invoice and order management, diverse eRecords


SAP, ERP at Phoenix Contact; specialized procedures PTLIMS at the Phoenix test lab

Document volume

45m existing documents; growing annually by ca. 4m


Currently 570 users – 1,200 users in the expansion stage in June 2016


Project start July 2011. Since then, roll- out in various areas:

  • Digital post office for automated processing of all inbound invoices
  • Contract records: managing contracts and contract documents in the legal department and in
  • Facility management: archiving all documents to manage facilities
  • Production orders are scanned, archived and linked with SAP
  • Workers' council: maintaining and managing all documents relevant to the workers' council and
    displaying them via a structured document search
  • Process and order records in the Pheonix test lab. Managing all order and process- related
    documents in dynamic records in Germany and Asia
  • Email archiving: journal archiving, all emails saved in Lotus Notes
  • 2016: Doxis4 BPM to support processes, further SAP and DMS roll- out


  • For the company: standardized IT architecture, synergy and cost saving effects, standardized
    formats, filing structures and client environments
  • For the user: efficient access and search mechanisms for unstructured content; better

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