Best Practice Raffinerie Heide GmbH

Area of application Document and business process management
Industry Power generation, oil refinery
Employees 500
Turnover 2.7bn euros (2014)
Headquarters Hemmingstedt, Germany
Integration SAP
Project scope Germany

To make things easier for our colleagues, the new ECM solution was supposed to be user-friendly and to enable easy access to the available CAD drawings and their versions. Doxis4 fulfilled these demands in every regard.

Klaus Behrens, Head of IT at Raffinerie Heide GmbH


  • Re- starting Raffinerie Heide as an independent company in the Klesch Group after the merger required it to have its own IT system landscape with an SAP system and ECM solution
  • The existing electronic drawing archive needed to be replaced; the entire data portfolio (ca. 100k drawings) needed to be migrated quickly


  • Create a uniform, joint DMS platform that fulfills the demandsCreate uniform and secure document management and archiving
  • Build platform to manage documentsupported business processes
  • Introduce electronic records to simplify work with documents and create greater transparency in existing documents


  • High performing and easy- to- operate electronic archive for technical drawings
  • SAP archive
  • Electronic records
  • Electronic contract management
  • Invoice auditing workflow
  • Project authorization workflow

Project overview

Starting point

After leaving Shell, Raffinerie Heide GmbH changed from being a pure production location for diesel,
heating oil and airplane fuel to being an independently operating company. Re- starting Raffinerie Heide as an independent company in the Klesch Group after the merger required it to have its own IT system landscape with an SAP system and ECM solution. The new ECM solution was supposed to be more user- friendly than the old system and enable easy access to the available CAD drawings and their versions. Raffinerie Heide decided in favor of the iECM suite Doxis4, which was also supposed to create a platform to handle document-supported business processes.


  • Doxis4 fulfilled the need for user- friendliness in every regard
  • Already before the project assignment, SER proved that it was able to quickly and easily migrate
    legacy documents to Doxis4
  • Doxis4 allows users to take the “design-by- doing” approach to achieve solutions


The Doxis4 iECM suite, integrated into SAP with modules for archiving, DMS, workflows and eRecords


SAP via the ArchiveLink interface and RFC, interface for the project budget planning system

Document volume

Legacy data migration: 100,000 drawings; invoices received, ca. 15,000 processes per year, approx.
500 eRecords




  • 2013: over 100,000 technical drawings migrated in just 2.5 months
  • The drawing archive was used first in the departments for technical projects, maintenance and
    production with approximately 60 users. With further solutions in use, Doxis4 is now deployed in
    all organizational units
  • Q1/2014: workflow-managed invoice auditing and SAP integration with ArchiveLink
  • Q2/2014: eRecord for contract management
  • Q3/2014: three further record solutions, e.g. for shipping documents and contract management
  • Q1/2015: Doxis4 as a document repository for SAP with automatic follow-up indexing
  • Q2/2015: project approval workflow


  • The documents are not only archived, but also actively used in daily work because Doxis4 finds
    them easily and organizes them in eRecords
  • Shorter lead times for documents with Doxis4-supported workflows
  • No more private archives: The users realize that documents are much easier and faster to find
    with search assistance such as the quick search function, e.g. directly in emails or other
    applications or with the full- text search function
  • Users have been asking for further record and workflow solutions with Doxis4

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