Best Practice Randstad Germany

Area of application Archiving of personnel documents with SAP integration
Industry Employment services
Employees Around 57,000 (2015)
Turnover €1.97 billion (2015) in Germany
Headquarters Eschborn
Integration SAP HCM
Project scope Germany

The benefits of the new system are seen daily, and the good working relationship with SER was a key factor in the rapid and successful completion of the project.

Manuela Weil, Project Manager at Randstad


  • Poor performance of the existing archive
  • High support costs
  • Architecture of the existing archive no longer up to date
  • Migration of 27 million existing documents
  • Archiving of all personnel documents from SAP Folder Management


  • To provide a high-performance, stable, modern archive for personnel documents
  • To improve the IT support infrastructure
  • To reduce operating costs
  • To provide direct access to 27 million documents


  • Personnel records archive
  • Full-text recognition (OCR) in all documents
  • Operation in central Randstad data centre
  • System cluster for greater fail-safety
  • NetApp SnapLock long-term storage system

Project overview

Initial situation

Around 2700 Randstad staff throughout Germany are involved in staff recruitment. The activities of the business depend on the pool of applicants and employees. Constant, direct access to all personnel documents is critical to the company's business.

Reasons for SER

  • Fulfils more requirements than other suppliers
  • Implements customer requirements flexibly and on schedule
  • SER close to the Randstad head office in Eschborn


Archiving of personnel documents and personnel data from SAP HCM



Project partner

Scanning service provider HAVI Solutions: migration of existing documents

Volume of documents

27 million personnel documents (existing data), 20,000 to 100,000 new documents a day. Current total: 56.5 million documents in the archive (January 2017)


2500 Randstad employees with SAP access


  • Existing archive replaced
  • Migration of 27 million stock-related documents
  • Conversion of TIFF documents to PDF/A
  • Audit-proof filing of 20,000 to 100,000 new documents in the SER archive each day
  • Live two months after order placement
  • Completion of the migration of existing data and archiving solution approved by Randstad after a further two months

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