Become a knowledgeable Doxis4 specialist

Doxis4 is your key to success. Become part of the International Partner Program of SER (IPPS) and join our SERacadamy for all the insights you need to operate, customize and develop Doxis4 to satisfy your customers. Strengthen your knowledge and skills on ECM, BPM, and Doxis4 and become a certified partner. Our training content is setup to best support your role and the knowledge relevant for your job.

Trainings Modules at a Glance

SSI academy trainings are divided into two sections, which allows you to choose the best options applicable for yourself and your team. These sections are subdivided in several modules that reflect the different areas of Doxis4 and their functionality. Regardless of your requirements the training modules will help you to master the program according to your current and future needs.



  • Specialized know-how of Doxis4 in only a few training blocks
  • Hands-on and insightful
  • Technical enabling of customers and partner certification
Overview Courses

Overview Courses:

For Sales, Presales and Project Managers

The functional training focuses on what can be done with the Doxis4 iECMsuite. An emphasis is put on the solutions that are available for the Doxis4 platform and respective uses cases, e.g. contract management, accounts payable, etc.


For Consultants, Professional Services & Presales

The technical training focuses on how it is done. These trainings go into the technical depth of Doxis4. They cover topics such as the infrastructure and conceptual storage models and look at the clients available. The overview serves as a base for the insights training modules.

SSI Training Courses

Overview Courses (2 days)

Presales, project managers and sales

An overview and indepth introduction to the functions of Doxis4. This training module emphasises on the capabilities of the software. The participants will be able to understand, use and test the many functions of Doxis4. The goal is to give the participants an understanding of the use cases that can be covered with the standard functions as well as the solution templates.


Technical Overview (2 days)

Consultants and professional services

This technical training focuses on how to configure Doxis4. The main functionalities of the Doxis4 backend (CSB, storage server) and the main clients (webCube / winCube, cubeDesigner, AdminClient) are covered in detail. Here, the participants gain a good basic knowledge about the technical structure and features of Doxis4. This training is the basis for the advanced technical training modules.

  • Overview Courses

    September 9-13, 2019, Berlin - Partner Enabling 1

    March 9-13, 2020, Berlin - Partner Enabling 1

    April 20-24, 2020, Bonn - Partner Enabling 1

    September 7-11, 2020, Berlin - Partner Enabling 1


Advanced Courses*

* All advanced courses require that the participant have attended at least one overview course

  • Advanced Courses

    October 14-18,  2019, Berlin - Partner Enabling 2

    March 30 - April 3, 2020, Berlin - Partner Enabling 2

    June 15-19, 2020, Bonn - Partner Enabling 2

    September 21-25, 2020, Berlin - Partner Enabling 2


  • In-depth Knowledge Exchanges

    Archiving (½ day)
    The most common archiving scenarios are presented such as document, email and SharePoint archiving.

    Electronic Records (½ day)
    The functions of the Doxis4 records management solutions are demonstrated. Several solutions like procurement, customer, and project records are demonstrated.

    Business Processes (½ day)
    An overview of the Doxis4 BPM engine and its usage. Static and ad-hoc tasks as well as hybrid processes are explored.

    ECM Integrations (½ day)
    Demonstrating the integrations of Doxis4 with the most common ERP systems such as SAP and the Microsoft Office suite.

    Inbound Communication (½ day)
    A view on the possibilities to automate the classification, extraction and archiving of emails and invoices directly from the inbound source.

  • Customizing

    eFiles / Records(½ day)
    Training module covering the different type of records and their functionalities.

    BPM (1 ½ days)
    An in-depth view of the different type of processes (ad-hoc, static and hybrid) and the specialties of the Doxis4 BPM engine.

    FIPS (½ day)
    Doxis4 File Import Service. A walkthrough of the functionalities and how to configure the FIPS.

  • Administration

    Installation and maintenance (2 days)
    The functions of the Doxis4 servers with a focus on how to maintain the different servers.

    Fulltext (1 day)
    Installation and optimization of the full text engine used for Doxis4.

    mobileCube (½ day)
    Installation and configuration of the mobileCube servers and clients.

  • Development

    winCube Scripting (including BPM Scripting) (1 day)
    An introduction into the possibilities to automate functions within the winCube client. The training requires knowledge in programming with basic.

    webCube Scripting (½ day)
    An introduction into the possibilities to automate functions within the webCube client. The training requires knowledge in Java programming.

    Agent Service (1 day)
    A look into the possibilities to automate functions and processes independent of the client. The automation is facilitated by Java and Groovy programming.

Training locations of SERacademy

Meet us in Bonn or Berlin to become a Doxis4 specialist – all training seminars are specifically designed to fulfil your needs and answer all your questions.

European headquarters, Bonn

Our headquarters in Bonn offers you a state-of-the-art training facility. The design and technical equipment ensure that you gain knowledge and experience using Doxis4.

Conveniently located, the SER headquarters is easy to reach by all means of transportation.

Regional office, Berlin

Our regional office Berlin is perfectly located in the heart of Germany’s capital. The office, overlooking the popular shopping street Kurfürstendamm, is equipped with a modern seminar room where diverse SER training seminars are held.

Berlin is the place to be and offers a multitude of opportunities – not only our training seminars. With two airports, direct flights from many European cities are available at a reasonable price.