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As part of the international partner program of the SER Group, we want to ensure you are up to speed to sell, demontrate and implement Doxis like a pro. Targeted to different roles, we have created a stack of partner training offerings that provide all the insights you need to turn prospects into customers - and keep them engaged.

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Training modules at a glance

Partner training is divided into modules based on the needs of the different roles at your business. This way, every team member gains the insights and knowledge they need in their everyday work with Doxis.

Sales and presales training

The sales and presales training focuses on selling and demonstrating Doxis to prospects. You will gain insights into the basics of Doxis, its scope and functionalities as well as all commercial aspects that support you in successfully winning new customers. We also develop a mutual strategy for your success.

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Technical trainings

Get all technical insights you need to operate, demo and sell Doxis to your prospects. Our technical trainings offer a variety of modules targeted to your needs. Get the basics first and jump into the details with our advanced courses.

Functional overview

For Sales, Presales and Project Managers

The functional training focuses on what can be done with the Doxis product suite. It highlights the solutions that are available on the Doxis platform and showcases selected use cases.

Technical overview

For Consultants, Professional Services & Presales

The technical training focuses on how Doxis is implemented. Here, we go into the technical details of Doxis such as the infrastructure and conceptual storage models, deployment options and more. This overview serves as a basis for the advanced modules.

Advanced courses

For all audiences

The advanced courses cover customizing, development and administration modules. Mix and match them according to your role and needs. They require that the participants have attended at least one overview course beforehand.

Patrik Wass
Trainer SERacademy

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