SER Summit 2022 - Review & Highlights

We are so glad that you were in Munich with us! We are still reliving the two great days we spent together with you at the SER SUMMIT! It was so nice to meet up with so many familiar and new faces, exchange ideas and listen to inspiring keynotes and success stories!

On behalf of the SER team, we would like to say a thank you for attending the first-ever international SER Summit!

Do want to review the event? Check out the highlights and great moments in our best-of SER SUMMIT photo album! You can find the handouts of the presentations below.

Sessions & Downloads

Keynote - Dr. John Bates, SER: A new era of automation through content understanding

Automation has been a major theme of the last five years. We have seen the radical rise of technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) to take the place of human workers in monotonous digital data entry tasks. Until the last two years, there’s been a fear of “will AI take my job”? For a number of reasons, everything has changed and is about to change even further!

In just two years, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by a decade – radically increasing the number of digital cloud-based processes. But it has also retargeted people’s priorities regarding their work/life balance. A by-product of this, the Great Resignation, has led to a significant increase in executives and workers who have retired early or changed careers. What we’ve learned from this: Instead of AI taking our jobs, AI needs to keep up with the increasing digital workload caused by a decreasing workforce. Case in point: invoice processing, where the global number of invoices is over 2 trillion per year in 2022. This will rise to over 3 trillion by 2035. 

However, existing automation technologies are not ready to be smart assistants. RPA simply runs out of steam where a human-like understanding of new content and the ability to compare this to a contextual memory of the content stored in a range of enterprise systems is needed.

We are at the cusp of a pivotal era in automation and AI. In my talk, I’ll explore the new requirements for the next generation of intelligent content automation and explore what these solutions should look like. I’ll also introduce a new approach that combines process automation with the ability to actually understand documents and other content. I’ll tackle the challenge of information silos due to increasingly best-of-breed architectures – and how to bridge automation across multiple enterprise ecosystems like SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft. Finally, I’ll delve into contextual AI and how a different type of content-oriented learning can reduce algorithm training and make quicker decisions.

Dr. John Bates
Chief Executive Officer, SER
Keynote - Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester: Your future-fit tech strategy: Intelligent content and process services drive the adaptive enterprise

The flexible, adaptive enterprise is here to stay. This session will fill you in on the details of what featured guest Forrester sees as a future-fit technology strategy and where content and process services come into play. What's more, you will learn about some of the most interesting and relevant market trends that will shape your agenda in 2022 and beyond. The session closes with the characteristics of a modern content platform and highlights innovations revealed in the latest Forrester Wave: Content Platforms. After this, you can join the discussion with your most pressing topics and questions.

Cheryl McKinnon
Keynote - Bernhard Zöller, Zöller & Partner GmbH: Best Practice Tipps für alte und neue Herausforderungen in DMS-/ECM-Projekten

Digitalization in companies and public authorities of all sizes and industries has accelerated considerably in the past two years. Of course, this also applies to the last remaining analog paper processes and, often associated with this, the switch to early scanning, document workflows and their integration into LOB or ERP solutions. These issues existed before the remote work era, but their urgency has increased: without digital documents, there is no remote work!

However, with the introduction of remote work tools, there has also been an increase in counterproductive document filing options in e.g. file sharing tools, mail folders, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams repositories and Sharepoint. This affects all employees in a company, including specialists and managers. For this reason, it is imperative that ECM solutions not only solve departmental archiving problems, but should also take over many management tasks for documents and records as a scalable enterprise platform. In addition to traditional tasks, a whole range of new tasks must be considered.

Mr. Zöller’s presentation highlights typical topics and problems from ECM projects with best practice tips for avoiding stumbling blocks connected to new and old challenges.

Bernhard Zöller
Zöller & Partner GmbH
Info Track - Dr. Gregor Joeris, SER: The future of content understanding

There has been great progress in the intelligent processing of documents and unstructured content in recent years, without ML being a magic bullet for every problem. In this talk, we venture a look at the new possibilities in natural language processing, at the promising fields of application, but also at the limits and challenges. The talk will be rounded off with a presentation of SER's strategy: which cognitive services will be integrated into Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, why "contextual AI" plays a special role in our strategy, and how to combine different cognitive services. As a result, we will transform your systems of record into a system of understanding.

Dr. Gregor Joeris
Chief Technology Officer, SER
Info Track - Douglas Cardoso & Max Gerrard, SER: Doxis Intelligent Content Automation Outlook and Demo

The global pandemic has completely changed how organizations do business: Collaboration, security and efficiency are even more paramount, and yet they rely on best-of-breed and cross-functional business systems that were never designed to work together. This has led to a lack of shared content awareness and information silos across teams and departments.

What’s more, organizations are grappling with another by-product of the pandemic: The ever-increasing skills gap is reshaping the workforce and redefining knowledge workers’ priorities. Employers are struggling to meet these new expectations, namely those of a modern workplace.

So how can organizations tackle these operational and workforce challenges? Join my keynote speech and I’ll show you how Doxis Intelligent Content Automation and SER’s roadmap are best equipped to solve these challenges and set you up for sustainable success.


Do you find it difficult to locate content stored across your business? Are you and your team wasting time sharing content over email and becoming lost at what the status us? Then Doxis Intelligent Content Automation can help you! As organizations become more and more digitally focused, content is being stored in many applications across the business, creating silos and making it difficult for business to be agile and act fast. This is where Doxis comes in! I'll show you:

  • How to easily access content wherever it is stored in your business
  • How to use Doxis ICA while working in SAP, Salesforce and Office 365
  • How to automate processes across SAP, Salesforce and Office 365
  • The Return on Information (ROI) you can get by implementing Doxis ICA across your business
Douglas Cardoso
Head of Product Management, SER
Max Gerrard
Director Solution Engineering, SER
Info Track - Harald Haghofer, SER: Introducing the SER Marketplace: Business solutions, integrations and add-ons

On April 25, SER launches its marketplace! This is the next big step in simplifying our customers’ journey to ECM and opens our ecosystem to integration partners: Ready-made business solutions help to start ECM initiatives based on proven solutions. Integrations to other systems are the basis for a fully-fledged digital 360° view of your business. Add-ons automate your ECM system even more. Join my session for more details and be ready for our  marketplace. It will grow fast!

Harald Haghofer
Vice President Business Solutions, SER
Info Track - Philipp Gunzer, SER: More service, less effort - The Doxis Intelligent Content Automation Service Bundles

As a subscription customer, you have exclusive and direct access to all of the latest innovations and features in Doxis. In my session, I'll be talking about three comprehensive service packages and optional expansion options. I'll also show you what is offered in terms of System Services, Support Services and Mentoring Services. These packages are designed to provide our customers maximum flexibility and scalability. I look forward to seeing you at my session!

Philipp Gunzer
Vice President Customer Operations, SER
Customer Story - Dr. Dorothea Schwarz, EVONIK: SER & Mydoc Document Management in Engineering

The digitalization of the process industry, better known as Industry 4.0, places data-centric processes at the center of all activities. Under these conditions, DMS systems seem almost anachronistic. The presentation will explain how two worlds, both document-centric and data-centric, can benefit from each other. Using selected examples from the project environment, I will show how mutual integration can succeed.

Dr. Dorothea Schwarz
Customer Story - Dr. Markus Pedevilla, KAGes: Modern multimedia archives: An essential part of the hospital value chain

The data of 2 million patients is archived at KAGes, an Austrian state hospital group. With the Doxis platform as a uniform archiving solution, KAGes was able to transfer documents from special medical systems and scientific image archives into the primarily document-based archiving system, thus creating a non-DICOM multimedia archive. Through direct HIS integration, the archive is an integral part of the hospital value chain. Cognitive services of the Doxis platform will be important cornerstones for KAGes’ further plans to help doctors, nurses and other medical staff, who are often confronted with a flood of information. The big challenge is to find and provide the most relevant data from the volumes we already have.

Dr. Markus Pedevilla
Customer Story - Wolfgang Rachbauer, Raiffeisen Bank International AG: Integrated Document Management System – Nutzen und Ausblick

In Wolfgang Rachbauer’s presentation, he will talk about how a single source of truth at RBI was introduced for the archiving of credit agreements, which was accomplished by digitizing documents and business processes in the integrated document management system Doxis. He’ll give details on the preparatory tasks, the implementation and the benefits after implementation. Rachbauer will also talk about the next use cases for artificial intelligence in credit contract management. Furthermore, Rachbauer will speak about current challenges like the integration of different systems in the credit process, e.g. between the contract creation system and Doxis.

Wolfgang Rachbauer
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Customer Story - Robert Jaksch, adesso SE - Einführung von Doxis in der Cloud (inkl. SAP S/4 Hana C Anbindung) bei adesso – Auswahlprozess, Stand, Ausblick

In Robert Jaksch’s presentation, he will first introduce adesso and talk about why an ECM system was needed there. He will then explain the selection process of a suitable ECM provider for adesso. In doing so, he will explain which challenges existed during the evaluation – in particular the options to integrate with SAP S/4 Hana Public Cloud with the SER cloud solution. He will also explain why SER was selected as the ECM vedor for adesso, including the project approach and the status of the individual subprojects. Finally, he will share which exciting adesso projects with Doxis are still to come.

Robert Jaksch
adesso SE
Customer Story - Sebastian Gil Haenelt, Otto Group IT: Digitale Transformationsstrategie: Die zentrale Rolle von Dokumentenmanagement

As a basis for the future business model, OTTO and the Otto Group are transforming their IT into decentralized and agile services by pursuing a multi-cloud strategy. This contrasts with the centralized document management of Otto Group IT. Haenelt will provide practical examples  to illustrate how this apparent conflict fits well into the overall architecture and supports the transformation.

Sebastian Gil Haenelt
Otto Group IT
Customer Story - Markus Saladin, Helvetia: Einfach. Digital. ECM. Meilenstein auf dem Weg zur digitalen Versicherung -

Mr. Saladin talked about the introduction of company-wide information management and how Doxis forms the foundation of Helvetia's digital transformation strategy. This presentation provides insights into how ECM (processes, IT systems, organization, management) was successfully implemented and established company-wide with a program at Helvetia, in which Doxis plays a crucial role in today's operation.

Markus Saladin
Business Transformation & Operation, Helvetia
Customer Story - Christian Helmes, Wacker Chemie AG: Transformation from paper to object-oriented documentation

At Wacker Chemie, there were numerous problems in connection with technical documents that made it necessary to find a system for an object-oriented documentation and the associated processes. Furthermore, a large amount of detailed documentation is handed over to plant operators, covering aspects like plant and process description, permit documentation, drawing documentation, safety & environment, and much more.

Due to the time-intensive transfer of documents as well as the complex structure, it was difficult to maintain an overview of paper-centric processes. Therefore Wacker Chemie urgently needed to create the greatest possible transparency for all parties involved. For our Engineering Document Management and Collaboration solution, SER Doxis provides a solid basis to address challenges like mobile availability, easy search, centralize storage of documents, easy exchange with external partners, and much more. Join my presentation to learn more.

Christian Helmes
Wacker Chemie AG
Tech Track - Markus D. Hartbauer, SER: Why move to the Cloud? Everything you always wanted to know

Running systems on-premises and operating them at your own is expensive and troublesome. Learn how to save costs and reduce complexity by moving on-prem solutions to the cloud and investing in cloud/subscription-based Doxis ICA solutions. Discuss with Markus the advantages of lean cloud approaches such as shortened approval processes, reduced budget burden and premium managed services. Devise your own cloud strategy and spar it with other participants.

Markus D. Hartbauer
Head of Presales, SER
Tech Track - Rene Wenzel, SER: Modernizing cross-enterprise contract management with eSignature integration & intelligence for hybrid work

Contract management processes have been deeply impacted by new work conditions: Organizations urgently need to facilitate hybrid contract collaboration and lifecycle management with eSignature integration while still ensuring the highest security standards.

In this session, Rene will talk what it means to modernize contract management practices with the Doxis Contract Management solution. He’ll also be demonstrating how to:

  • streamline the entire process of contract creation, negotiation, electronic signature and management
  • get a 360° overview of contracts, including deadlines and important dates, to boost contract transparency
  • simplify the creation of contracts using ready-to-run templates
  • automate repetitive tasks to save on time and effort
Rene Wenzel
Tech Track - Ingo Gerken, SER: Connecting ecosystems to leverage content for a 360° view of business: The Doxis Content Bridge for SAP and Salesforce

Connecting ecosystems to leverage content for a 360° view of business In this presentation I will tell you:

  • How you can you share and synchronize information from Salesforce with SAP and Teams by using a Doxis workspace
  • How information regarding opportunities, accounting, customer collaboration is shared throughout the processes
  • How each stakeholder in your company can benefit from the information, regardless of their source
  • Covering SER products like Doxis Business Partner Workspace, Doxis ERP Connection Service for SAP, Doxis SmartBridge for Salesforce, Doxis SmartBridge for Microsoft 365 / Teams
Ingo Gerken
Product Manager, SER
Tech Track - Dominik Adams, SER: When, why and how to say goodbye to legacy systems!

It's a dilemma: One global study says 70% of CEOs list legacy modernization as a top strategic business priority. So why do the words "legacy modernization" turn a CIO’s heart to stone? What if your archive or document repository has reached its technological limits? Or support for legacy applications resembles hospice care? This session will answer such questions and shed light on the benefits of replacing legacy systems. We'll lay out a proven method for migrating legacy archives on the fly - without risking information loss or downtime.

Dominik Adams
Head of Product Marketing, SER

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