Bank Pekao S.A. trusts in Doxis4

(October 9, 2019 - Warsaw) The SER Group is thrilled to welcome another new customer from the banking sector: Bank Pekao S.A. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the bank is focused on smart growth and high customer value. The SER Group is excited to be a part of its continuing success story.

Pekao, one of the largest banks in Poland in terms of asset volume, has selected SER’s Doxis4 as its future content platform (ECM). Bank Pekao aims to be a leader in smart growth. It offers clients efficiency and quality, provides excellent integrated risk management, and takes pride in being a top employer.

The bank has already been taking steps to improve innovation and mobility for its clients. The implementation of an enterprise content management platform is one of the next steps. In the coming months, the teams of Bank Pekao and the SER Group – supported by SER’s partner Betacom – will start to migrate the existing documents to Doxis4. We are delighted to welcome another new customer from the banking sector to the Doxis4 family.

Bank Pekao S.A. trusts in Doxis4
Bank Pekao S.A. trusts in Doxis4

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