Doxis4 BPM – agility by design

(February 11, 2015 - Berlin) SER adds more agility to business processes with the new Doxis4 Business Process Management (BPM). Businesses can then react more quickly to a changing environment without having to make sacrifices in terms of process compliance. Compared with classic BPM software, the new Doxis4 task & process management system operates situational work items, as well as standardised and automated business processes, which can be combined flexibly in just one software system. Doxis4 therefore brings people, information and procedures together in one process.

Agile and intelligent processes are essential for those wishing to be successful on the market. Conventional BPM systems are too inflexible and complex. BPM projects which paralyse organisations over months are inconceivable given the dramatic changes in the market. A key success factor is the ability to react quickly to process changes and to continuously adapt workflows to those changes. With Doxis4 BPM, SER has developed an integrated software solution with which companies, can, for the first time, flexibly determine the degree of standardisation of their business processes and can implement a smooth transition from ad hoc work items and process instances to model-driven BPM. In the past, discrete systems would be needed for addressing these requirements.

Two procedures – one software program

Doxis4 BPM delivers normative and adaptive BPM in one software suite. That way, you won't have to sacrifice one for the other. Our common technological platform even allows you to combine both procedures in one process. Wherever particular parts of a process model cannot or should not be pre-defined, they can be created on an ad hoc basis.

BPM process types with Doxis4

Doxis4 supports the whole gamut of process types

Who is working on what?

Doxis4 BPM documents all activities, notices and information access processes and provides answers to the question "Where is this work item and who's working on it?". This guarantees not only traceability of work items and processes, but also the observance of compliance standards at all times. Email, which is often used as a makeshift form of work item management, inevitably leads to uncoordinated and opaque process instances, inconsistent document versions and a lack of efficiency and compliance.

Reusable process know-how

A key advantage of Doxis4 BPM is the reusability of process know-how. If process instances planned on an ad hoc basis are repeated, they can be quickly and simply defined as defaults or used for similar process instances with "copy & paste". Process know-how is reproducible – for colleagues too.

Processes and information combined

SER brings information and processes together in one software program. BPM is an integral component of the Doxis4 Enterprise Content Management solution, but can also be used as a stand-alone application. This ensures that all the required information in the processes, whether it's documentation, emails, electronic records, entire process instances or data from connected third-party systems such as ERP and CRM, is made available. Without this barrier-free integration of Enterprise Content Management, employees would have to waste time gathering process-relevant information from other systems themselves.

The official product presentation of Doxis4 BPM will take place on 26th March 2015 in Bonn, Germany, as part of a centralised event for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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