Hybrid BPM with Doxis4 combines agile and model-driven processes as well as BPM and ECM

(April 7, 2015 - Bonn) Hybrid BPM systems which can master both model-driven (rule-based) and agile (flexible) processes are the future. This was confirmed by the analysts and advisers Gartner and Zöller & Partner at the Doxis4 BPM première in Bonn. The hybrid Doxis4 BPM combines the best of both worlds in a single piece of software on one technological platform. It sets an example for future BPM software generations. 

Over 200 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Benelux, France, Spain and Italy travelled to Bonn for the première of the new BPM software from SER. The new Doxis4 BPM was presented live for the first time in an auditorium at the Kunstmuseum, which was packed to capacity. SER also offered a parallel live stream of the event – in both German and English – for those who couldn't attend in person, which proved extremely popular. Advisers and ECM experts from SER explained the many facets of a new generation of business process management software. Meanwhile, SER solution advisers demonstrated a rule-based procurement process and a typical task planning process from the events sector using the new Doxis4 Task & Process Management.

Manfred Zerwas, managing partner at the SER Group, presented the key features of the new Doxis4 BPM: as a piece of hybrid software, it combines adaptive and normative BPM as well as ECM & BPM on one technology platform, enabling a smooth transition from flexible ad-hoc processes to standardised ones. "We see ECM and BPM as two sides of the same coin," says Manfred Zerwas, explaining the concept of the integrated BPM solution from SER. "All ECM & BPM functions can be used with just one piece of workplace software. This enables flexible entry and expansion strategies. As much freedom as possible, as many rules as necessary – that's our motto," says Zerwas.

Expert panel at the Doxis4 launch event in Bonn, from left: Marc Kerremans, Gartner; Dr Gregor Joeris, SER; Bernhard Zöller, Zöller & Partner and host Markus D. Hartbauer, SER

Hybrid systems for administrators and knowledge workers

In their analyses, the IT advisers confirmed the market demand for hybrid solutions which support both highly regulated processes (production) and adaptive case management (ad hoc). Marc Kerremans, Research Director at Gartner, explained in his presentation that highly standardised business processes are on the decline these days and businesses now have to deal with a growing number of unregulated tasks. BPM will of course continue to support standardised processes in order to boost efficiency and ensure compliance. At the same time, however, better support is needed for the specific tasks for which there are no predefined processes. Kerremans described a hybrid approach similar to that used in hospitals. From the arrival of patients at the hospital to the treatment stage, there is a series of structured processes, but staff also have to carry out individual activities which differ depending on the case in question. Combining the two produces a hybrid process.

Bernhard Zöller, Managing Director at Zöller & Partner, also stressed how important it is for a BPM system to cover the needs of different user groups today. "I like the concept of the hybrid workflow, which combines the two ideas." Up to now, the market has regarded the two types of process as separate entities. Bernhard Zöller made another key point in his presentation: "For us, DMS or ECM is inextricably linked to the topic of digital processes." According to Zöller, the new ways in which people can work these days – remotely from home, at the customer's premises – only work in a paperless world. This is why he sees the subject of workflows and how we will work together in the future as closely linked with the general topic of digitalising paper documents. He also mentioned how important it is to involve the users at an early stage in order for BPM projects to be successful. The concrete benefits of these applications for the end users and their department, but also for the whole company, must always be clear to ensure that end users will be open to using them.

Expert participants with a focus on BPM

The mix of theory, market analyses and product launches with live presentations was well-received by the participants: "I particularly enjoyed the presentation by Dr Joeris – he explained the technology first and then gave a live demonstration of the product," says Verena Köhler, from HANSA-FLEX AG. "I'm taking away lots of interesting ideas which I'm sure we will be able to incorporate into our workflow project," says Ingo Schäfer, from Union IT-Services GmbH. Martin Treder, DHL Express Global Head Office, came to the same conclusion: "I've picked up lots of ideas for how we as a company could use the Doxis4 product beyond the current framework."

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