IHE compliance certified for SER Group at IHE-Europe 2021 Connectathon

(September 22, 2021 - Bonn) At the IHE-Europe 2021 Connectathon, SER Group showcased the interoperability of its ECM platform Doxis4, successfully passing test scenarios for the most important IHE profiles. Customers in the healthcare sector can be confident that their Doxis4  solution demonstrably meets IHE requirements for the exchange of information between IT systems in the healthcare sector.

IHE Europe, a regional chapter of the international initiative Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), announced on September 13, 2021 the official results of this year's European Connectathon: SER Group successfully passed the test scenarios for the most important IHE profiles, demonstrating that its Doxis4 software can be integrated with information systems from other providers in line with IHE’s internationally recognized requirements.

“In the healthcare sector, many applications are in use, from HIS to ERP systems such as SAP to medical subsystems such as PACS, RIS and so on,” states Christian Behringer, Head of the Healthcare Competence Center at SER Group and SER Interact Digital AG. He adds: “With Doxis4, clinics and hospitals can combine the data from all these different applications, as well as the related documents, in a single source of truth. This enables healthcare admin to efficiently access patient information and share it securely with other service providers and patients.”

Prerequisite for connecting to electronic patient records

The laws regarding electronic patient records have been strengthened in various European countries recently. For example, in Germany, since January 1, 2021, all legally insured persons can receive an electronic patient record (ePA) from their health insurance company. Electronic patient records (EPD) have been available in Switzerland since April 2020; in Austria (ELGA) , since 2015. This ensures that medical findings and information from previous examinations and treatments can be saved and shared quickly and easily by practices and hospitals. “Legacy medical systems often do not meet the IHE requirements, particularly IHE XDS.b, for the exchange of information with electronic patient records or patient files. With IHE-compliant interfaces, Doxis4 builds a bridge between these systems,” explains Christian Behringer.

Certified IHE compliance for Doxis4

At the annual Connectathon, international IT vendors test the interoperability of their devices and applications live and under controlled conditions to match real clinical scenarios. The IHE defines selected use cases for this. These integration profiles describe the systems involved (actors) and their communication with one another. In the tests conducted online this year from June 14 to 18, IHE compliance was certified for Doxis4 in the following profiles:

Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b): To provide, search and retrieve documents in cross-company patient files

Patient Identifier Cross-Reference HL7 V3 (PIXV3): For cross-company identification of patients when exchanging data using XDS

Patient Demographics Query HL7 V3 (PDQV3): To search for patient IDs and demographic patient data, e.g. name, date of birth, gender, etc.

Cross-Enterprise User Assertion: For cross-company authentication of users and to manage permissions

Consistent Time (CT) and Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA): To ensure data exchange is authenticated, encrypted and logged centrally


To learn more about Doxis4's IHE-compliant capabilities, read the complete IHE results list: http://connectathon-results.ihe.net/

Learn more about Doxis4 solutions for healthcare here.

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