Kombiverkehr ensures business continuity with Doxis4 SaaS from SER Group

(September 29, 2020 - Bonn) The European logistics company Kombiverkehr specializes in running a network of freight trains in combined road-rail transport and moves over 800,000 truckloads per year from the road to the rails. Kombiverkehr deploys the Doxis4 enterprise content management (ECM) platform from the SER Group as a SaaS solution to digitize business processes organization-wide. A new project this year focuses on archiving freight papers as part of a contactless workflow at the loading terminal. This solution will enable the company to work with its business partners and, in particular, process customs documents in the future on a contactless basis. It will also help the company reduce shipping delays and focus on its core activities in times of COVID-19.

In the past, shipping documents were in paper format, which meant that missing customs documents could have a major impact on shipments. When customs documentation is missing, an entire train can be held up at the border until replacement documents are obtained. However, if documents are properly archived in digital form, they cannot be lost. Kombiverkehr uses Doxis4 as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to ensure that T1 and shipping documents are available in full and on time.

"With Doxis4, we can immediately provide all the shipping documents digitally at the terminal and at the border crossings. This reduces wait times and potential damages for our customers," says Christian Franz, Managing Director at Kombiverkehr. In particular, current contact restrictions make it more difficult for many logistics companies that still have to carry and hand over paper documents, while handling customs procedures and managing their other business processes. “In 2015, a situation like today's would have caught us off guard. We wouldn't have been able to work because everything was paper-driven, from filing to banking. With Doxis4 SaaS, we are ensuring our business continuity today,” adds Franz. In 2015, the company made a conscious decision to introduce an ECM platform as SaaS. “Today we can see that this was the right decision, in a time when all employees can easily relocate to work from home at any time and contactless logistics processes are possible. We would always choose Doxis4 again as our SaaS,” concludes Franz.

Company-wide ECM platform for document-driven processes

In addition to the digitalization of processes related to transport handling, Kombiverkehr deploys Doxis4 in several other areas. For example, claims are managed using workflows and digital claims or business partner files. This provides sales employees with a complete view of all the information and processes related to a customer. They are able to proactively notify customers regarding the status of any transport damages being settled. Photos of goods that are taken before and after a shipment and stored directly in Doxis4 also help to quickly clarify which party is responsible and has to pay for damages in questions of liability. Another area that Doxis4 was able to improve was Kombiverkehr's accounting. The workflow for processing incoming invoices that was developed with SER consultants has considerably streamlined the previous workflow. The elimination of manual tasks and faster processes have reduced the workload for everyone involved in the process by a total of 30 hours per week.

The next digitalization projects with Doxis4 will focus on streamlining the accounts receivable management, integrating documents from the Kombiverkehr booking portal with Doxis4, and, in the future, developing a customer portal in which up to 2,000 users will receive documents related to the ordering process and get access to documents such as associated contracts and invoices. “Doxis4 SaaS is a strategically important solution for our customers, especially in the current situation. It enables them to adjust their information and process management quickly and flexibly to the evolving requirements of the new normal without having to use their own IT resources,” explains Stefan Zeitzen, CSO of the SER Group. "This flexibility helps them to continue business operations, further optimize their business processes, and thus remain competitive now and in the future."

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