PACCOR manages contracts in the cloud with Doxis4 of the SER Group

(March 1, 2021 - Bonn) PACCOR, a global player in the packaging industry, provides sustainable and innovative packaging solutions. To streamline legal operations, compliantly manage legal documents and digitize workflows on an enterprise-wide level, it has now implemented the cloud-based Doxis4 Contract Management solution of the SER Group.

Prior to implementing Doxis4 Contract Management, legal documents were managed individually in each department with their own filing environments. With Doxis4, all legal documents are now bundled and clearly structured in one place. PACCOR, with more than 3,000 employees and operations in over 15 countries, is able to create digital workflows for legal documents, through which authorized employees are easily able to find legal content via full-text searches.

360-view of all legal documents & processes

Also crucial for PACCOR: a 360-degree view of all legal content and their related processes, which are auditable and documented, ensuring compliance and security on all levels. “When searching for a contract management solution, we were mostly looking to improve our compliance and find a common platform for our legal documents. When we found SER Group’s Doxis4 Contract Management solution, we even got the full package: we can now manage all legal content and workflows on a uniform platform,” says Cécile Desvignes, Vice President Legal Affairs at PACCOR. “Bringing all stakeholders and legal content together gives us the opportunity to maintain oversight of all legal documents, their amendments, timelines and compliance regulations at all time.”

Fast go-live thanks to cloud and agile strategy

In just over three months, the Doxis4 Contract Management solution was implemented at PACCOR through SER Group’s partner Speednet sp. z.o.o. The cloud approach and agile implementation strategy were major factors for the swift implementation. “The project at PACCOR once more highlights the capabilities of Doxis4 and the speed of cloud deployments. It also shows the advantages of strong international partnerships. Thanks to our cooperation with Speednet, we managed a short and effective implementation cycle to the benefit of PACCOR,” explains Morad Rhlid, Managing Director of SER Solutions International.

More than 40 targeted solutions

Apart from its contract management solution, the SER Group offers several industry, departmental and use case-specific solutions that can be implemented instantly with minimal customization effort. Combined with a cloud deployment strategy similar to that of PACCOR, go-live cycles of a few months are typical.

Read more here about our Doxis4 contract management solution.

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At PACCOR we create innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for the consumer, food and foodservice market. We have high expertise in developing and providing valuable rigid plastic packaging products.With more than 3,000 dedicated employees in 15 countries, PACCOR is a global player in the packaging industry. Everything we do contributes to the protection and hygienic safety of valuable products. PACCOR leads the transition towards a circular economy.

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