SER and Predicting Health announce strategic partnership to bring AI innovations to healthcare providers and patients

(December 6, 2023 - Bonn) SER, a leading provider of Intelligent Content Automation solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Predicting Health (PH). Predicting Health is a pioneer in the field of AI-supported healthcare data analytics to help clinics and medical professionals improve patient outcomes and prevention.

  • SER strengthens commitment to the healthcare customers through strategic partnership with Predicting Health
  • Collaboration will deliver innovations in risk stratification and improved patient outcomes
  • First joint projects already being planned for 2024

With this new partnership, SER and Predicting Health will deliver new innovations to clinics and healthcare organizations to help them intelligently process data and documents from diverse clinical systems to enhance patient care.

Predicting Health utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop powerful methods for the precise prediction of potential disease risks and progression based on an extensive database.

The Managing Director of Predicting Health, Diether Kramer, has a deep understanding of the methodologies and requirements of clinic doctors and nursing staff from his experience working at Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft (KAGes) – an Austrian healthcare provider and long-standing SER customer. Together, Kramer and SER have helped clinics to successfully overcome cost pressure and ensure patient safety amidst staff shortages.

SER's AI-powered healthcare solution gives customers centralized access to medical data and documents from various hospital systems. Predicting Health’s machine-learning tool subsequently analyzes the data to develop risk prediction models in a secure and confidential context. The common goal is to identify clinical risks at an early stage and thus optimize patient care and outcomes. The first projects in the field of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) are already in discussion with further healthcare provider groups.

"Significant added value for patients and customers"
Dr. John Bates, CEO of SER, says, "The partnership with Predicting Health gives us the opportunity to combine our Intelligent Content Automation solutions and our healthcare expertise with PH's AI analytics tools – a powerful synergy. This allows us to create significant added value for patients and customers, helping medical experts make more accurate predictions, optimize treatment processes and achieve better overall patient outcomes.”

Diether Kramer also sees high potential in the partnership: "We are delighted to be working with SER, which not only provides state-of-the-art technologies, but also gives us compliant access to a comprehensive wealth of patient information that serves as the basis for secure and high-quality AI applications. This will have a significant impact on improving the health of patients and operations across hospital clinics."

Together at the digital healthcare trade fair DMEA 2024
At DMEA 2024, Europe’s largest trade fair for digital health, visitors will have the opportunity to speak with experts from SER and Predicting Health and experience live electronic patient records, integrated case files and standardized medical service records with integrated workflows.

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About Predicting Health

Predicting Health is a pioneer in the field of AI-based risk stratification in the healthcare industry. The Personalized Risk Tool software automatically analyzes patterns in existing patient data to generate individualized risk profiles without the need for manual data entry. Predicting Health's machine learning-based risk prediction models improve patient outcomes, revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

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