Security in line with an international standard

Doxis4 ISO 16175-2 certification

Certified for ISO 16175-2

With Doxis4, you meet the records management requirements contained in ISO 16175-2.

The independent certification authority, Van Bussel Document Services, confirms this. Doxis4 is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 16175-2. You can be sure of meeting all of the requirements for handling information subject to retention, regardless of which media is used to create and/or store it.

Security for all industries

The experts of the certification authority confirm in the audit report that the Doxis4 product suite, when used appropriately, meets the requirements of the internationally applicable ISO standard 16175-2 for records management. Doxis4 fulfills the nearly 300 cross-industry and technology-neutral requirements for documents subject to retention, e.g.

  • The conditions under which information is captured and managed
  • The definition of processes
  • Retention and deletion rules
  • The support of compliant work procedures

Doxis4 is an integrated content management suite well versed to model, process, archive, and preserve records and their metadata as well as to manage business processes.

Dr. Geert-Jan van Bussel, chief auditor of Van Bussel Document Services


Automate retention & deletion rules

Secure records management means protecting your information from end to end. Read on to find out how you can ensure the validity of all relevant documents and automatically comply with legal retention periods — with Doxis4.

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