Doxis helps you to ensure compliance

Stay competitive

Provide evidence of compliance to financial partners, suppliers and customers to support new business relationships and compete effectively.

Minimize compliance risks

Prove you fulfill regulatory and internal requirements to avoid financial penalties, operating bans and harm to your brand image.


Increase profits

Documented compliance builds trust to help you attract and retain customers and win more business.

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Questions such as 'Which loan processes were in place on March 14, 2015?' and 'Which internal instructions were used at that time?' can be answered easily and immediately today using the ECM system and the integrated full-text search.

Petra John, responsible for the written rules of procedure, Aareal Bank Group

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Prevent compliance breaches

Make it easier for employees to fulfill audit requirements, the EU GDPR, the GoBD etc. with automated processes, confirmation workflows, access permissions and much more.

Reduce documentation work

Doxis automatically logs all processes, document accesses and modifications and helps you to produce all the necessary IT, project and procedural documentation.

Breeze through audits

Certified Doxis software demonstrates to external auditors that compliance has top priority and delivers all the information required for audits faster than ever.

Control over all compliance measures

You know at all times which personal data and which information subject to retention is in your company and how it is protected.

These companies already rely on Doxis to ensure compliance

Stay compliant and competitive

EU GDPR, records management and fiscal code requirements, electronic archiving requirements, audit security: When it comes to editing, storing and deleting information, you have to fulfill — and document — a wide range of compliance requirements. Failing to do so exposes you to the risk of financial penalties, operating bans or harm to your brand image and jeopardizes your ability to compete effectively. With the certified Doxis software, you demonstrably fulfill legal requirements, regulatory standards and internal compliance guidelines. This means less time and resources spent on compliance measures and documentation. Compliance issues? Stay on the safe side, with Doxis!

Case study

Now that employees from outside of the Finance department can view contracts and their obligations, there is a lot more understanding regarding our fulfillment of conditions. They identify with the situation and are much more motivated to comply.

Rainer Hass, Team Lead of Accounting, Raffinerie Heide GmbH

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Information stays verifibly protected with Doxis

Automatic retention periods

Lawmakers prescribe retention periods of up to 10 or even 30 years. Doxis saves all the relevant documents, data and processes with automated management of legal holds.

Access and mutability protection

Use Doxis to control who can view, edit or delete specific information: for documents, folders, eFiles and workflows.

Seamless documentation

The Doxis audit trail logs all access and modifications to information — and proves that it has not been manipulated.

Proper structure

An ISO-compliant file structure, a documented file plan: With Doxis, you fulfill structural specifications while storing all information.


Certified compliance with Doxis

Doxis is certified to meet numerous domestic and international laws, regulations, norms and standards. This is confirmed by independent, renowned auditors in their certifications and audit opinions. Find out here which compliance requirements you can meet with Doxis.

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Minimum effort, maximum compliance

With Doxis you can meet compliance requirements for all information and in all areas of the company. This means less time and resources and ensures consistently secure information management.

  • Authorizations, legal holds, etc. for all documents, files and processes
  • Central administration of roles and tenants
  • Information management and compliance documentation in one software

Compliance made easy with DMS

When it comes to working on, storing and deleting information, compliance is the number one priority! In this guide, you’ll find out how a DMS can help you meet a wide range of regulations and standards: from EU GDPR to legal retention and auditing standards.


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