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From capture and editing to document filing and archiving, Doxis4 optimizes your document-driven processes.

Say goodbye to chaotic file directories: Effective document management is a cinch with the future-oriented ECM system, Doxis4. What exactly is document management? That's easy: It's everything to do with handling, organizing, storing and securing documents. Most companies capture, steer, store and archive their documents using document management systems (DMS) — also known as modern enterprise content management systems (ECM).

More than just a digital document repository:
The benefits of a modern document management system

Greater ability to provide information

Even with huge document pools and mountains of documents requiring attention, the high-performing search functions of a document management system can quickly locate and retrieve the necessary information. The result: Employees find what they are looking for within seconds and can provide well-founded responses to customer inquiries — which, in turn, drives up customer satisfaction.

No copies circulating unchecked

Deploying a modern document management tool completely eliminates the need for redundant document versions, for instance multiple copies in different departments. Upon creation, every document is available in the ECM system and can be viewed directly by all other members of the project team with the relevant access rights — no need to forward documents via internal mail or email.

Stay compliant

A DMS makes it a cinch to fulfill legal guidelines, such as document- and sector-specific retention periods. Certified DMS software from a reputable vendor ensures full compliance with legal requirements.

Room for collaborative work

With a DMS platform, multiple people and departments across different locations and even countries can manage, view and edit documents simultaneously. Collaboration is easy, since project teams always have the right documents on hand and stay fully up to date.

Process automation

DMS solutions are capable of automating routine administrative steps, such as processes for document forwarding or document filing after creation. Invoice processing and inbound mail processing are just two examples.

Document management in practice: Doxis4 at Fraport AG

Read our customer story to find out all about how Fraport successfully uses Doxis4 for its document management. You will learn:

  • How Fraport completely overhauled its document management processes
  • How 8.7 million legacy documents were successfully migrated
  • How successful document management — from editing to document filing — looks in practice
  • How easily you, too, can digitally manage your documents
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The digital workspace — the alternative to chaotic file directories

Watch our video to find out how the digital workspace helps you to say goodbye to chaotic file directories and hello to ECM and proper document management.

Document management with Doxis4

From the moment they begin creating documents, users will see and feel the advantages of document management using the modern Doxis4 ECM system. Data and documents can be searched directly from Microsoft Office applications. And because everything is stored in Doxis4 independently of format, employees can not only store audit-proof formats (PDF, TIFF, etc.) and MS Office files (Word, Excel and so on), but can also use these formats as the basis for creating new documents and for document filing in Doxis4.

Prevent redundant document versions

The comprehensive version management function in Doxis4 distinguishes between major and minor versions. The result: The latest document is always available, while users can still access earlier versions if needed. Even documents in the process of being edited can be accessed and searched by other users. If changes are made, the processor and the creation history of the document are logged. This is an effective way to prevent having multiple document versions in circulation with nobody knowing which is the most up to date.

Cross-location and cross-border collaboration

Companies can set up virtual project rooms to simplify cross-location and cross-border collaboration, even in multiple languages. Doxis4 offers the function to create a temporary project eFile that acts as a hub in which authorized project members manage and view all documents, processes and objects during the entire project. Notification options allow members to be updated by email whenever a new document version is available — keeping everyone on the project team in the loop at all times. Once the project comes to an end, all of the shared content can be transferred to the audit-proof archive, either as one final version or including all interim versions.

Efficient document management

In combination with the electronic archive, Doxis4 covers the entire document management lifecycle — from creation and editing (including versioning) through to finalization and audit-proof long-term archiving or document filing. Companies can structure their information using electronic files in Doxis4 and use this as the basis for managing all documents and files at department, project, process and object levels. The advantages for companies of document management with Doxis4 include:

  • Access to documents, eFiles and process instances anytime, anywhere
  • Seamless document management across all media and formats
  • Access via Windows, mobile device or web client
  • Integration into Microsoft Office applications
  • Template management for easy document creation
  • Seamless documentation of all processing steps thanks to version control
  • Shared workspaces
  • Flexible multi-user access permissions
  • Automatic notifications of processing steps
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Documents, eFiles and processes available in the right context.

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