The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit: SER takes the stage

| Maureen Cueppers

What will be the workplace of the future? According to Gartner, collaboration, mobility and AI will shape the transformation of the digital workplace. These three factors will motivate workers and boost their performance.

To find out what role the right technologies and implementation strategies will play in this, approximately 900 IT leaders attended this year's Gartner Digital Workplace Summit from September 24th to 25th in London. SER and its customer Kühne + Nagel, Germany's third largest logistics firm, were there to tell IT leaders how the workplace of the future can be designed with ECM.

By 2020, algorithms will have improved the way more than one billion people work. At least, this is Gartner's forecast. For this reason, the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit focused on their needs. Already today, technologies such as ECM are the basis of collaboration, mobile work and connected processes. SER demonstrated to attendees at the event how companies can both implement their digitalization strategies with the Doxis Digital Workspace and excite their employees and customers. The SER customer Kühne + Nagel held a speaker session in which they explained why ECM is the backbone of the logistics firm's document-based processes. Entitled "(Information) logistics with Doxis – the fuel for success", the presentation left no doubt what the success factors for the digital workspace are: usability, management involvement in processes, and a high-performing technological platform for a quick, company-wide ECM roll-out.

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Maureen Cueppers

Hello there! My name is Maureen Cueppers and I’m the Deputy Head of Marketing at the SER Group. I also manage SER’s blog and social media channels. Analyzing, breaking down and clearly explaining the trends & possibilities of intelligent information management for our readers – this is always at the heart of my writing. A native of Oregon (USA), I’m a craft beer enthusiast and have 43 nicknames (the last time I counted).

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