Product video: Doxis complaint management and intelligent customer support

Doxis Intelligent Hub and smart processes for best customer support

Doxis at work

Integrated complaint management helps companies to improve their customer support. The Doxis Intelligent Hub automatically extracts, classifies and analyzes the incoming customer information. In the next step, the Doxis Intelligent Dispatcher routes information in processes based on the use case and sentiment analysis. Here, tasks are created and additional, matching information is allocated. The complaint is then available in the CRM system and content and status are mirrored in both systems. 

What's more, the video also highlights how the Doxis Intelligent Hub is configured, how amendments can be made in integrated business applications, how security settings can be set per business application and how to ensure unauthorized access is prevented.

What this video will show you:

  • How Doxis Classification and Extraction Services support complaint management
  • How intelligent process and task creation is automatically initiated
  • How Doxis complaint management integrated with e.g. Salesforce
  • How security settings are managed per integrated business application

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