Doxis CSB Functional Administration Basic

4 days, 1st day: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, following days: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Content of the training "Doxis CSB Functional Administration Basic"

Target Group: IT administrators, Project developer and Partners

The Doxis CSB Functional Administration Basic course focuses on the Doxis cubeDesigner client and its design tools in conjunction with the administrative functions for organization and rights management. You will experience the practical interaction of Doxis cubeDesigner with the Doxis winCube client and Doxis CSB.

In the beginning, you will learn the theoretical basics of the structure of Doxis CSB and analyze a demo project. A condensed presentation of the various functions of the Doxis winCube client is provided, and the design of the demo application in Doxis cubeDesigner is analyzed and extended. You will then design a realistic example project by yourself and apply your knowledge in exercises. The topics subscriptions, batch processing, filing from file system and the use of document templates are covered. Your finished design will then be capped off by a defined authorization concept in the organizational administration.

The training price includes the follow-up course Doxis CSB Functional Administration Extension.

Web Tue, May 14 - 17, 2024 May 14 - 17, 2024
Tue, Nov 12 - 15, 2024 Nov 12 - 15, 2024
Self-study course


Price of participants 1 through 3: €3,750 per person

Price for each additional participant: €2,750 per person


  • Knowledge: User Basics Windows Operating Systems
  • SERacademy training modules: -
  • Recommended in-depth training: Doxis CSB Technical Administration, Doxis BPM, Doxis Records, Doxis winCube for power users, Doxis winCube Scripting, Doxis webCube Scripting, Doxis File Import Service (FIPS), Doxis Agent Service


  • Doxis CSB structure
  • Analysis of a demo project
  • Analysis of the Doxis document model and its implementation in the client functionalities
  • Doxis cubeDesigner basics
  • Analysis of the design of the demo application
  • Realization of a sample project with Doxis cubeDesigner for a new client
  • Document and search classes
  • Dialog design
  • Result list functions
  • Retention rules
  • Quick search & Quick search shortcuts
  • Document display
  • Notifications (subscriptions)
  • Tiles
  • Transport of systems
  • Organizational administration
  • Authorization concept

Strengthen your knowledge in the SERacademy Virtual Lab!

Continue practicing with Doxis after your training in the Virtuel Lab Plus with a personal trainer and Q&A forum. You may book your package when registering for the training or up to 2 months later:


SERacademy Virtual Lab Basic

€300.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab

SERacademy Virtual Lab Plus

€600.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab
  • Personal coach
  • Q&A forum


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