Shed light on the darkness

Artificial intelligence & machine learning on the Doxis4 platform


Machine learning for automated processes & smart assistance functions


Understand how AI methods reach results & decisions


Apply AI universally to all content & applications on the Doxis4 platform

Shed light on your wealth of information

Artificial intelligence & machine learning discover your business-critical information.

With every business process, every customer contact and every negotiation with business partners, the amount of data and information in your company grows. Like an iceberg, however, a large part of it disappears under the surface — over 80%, experts say. Information and insights are buried as dark data. With the integrated cognitive services of Doxis4, you can tap this wealth of information — and harness it for intelligent information management and business process digitalization.

Doxis4 Cognitive Services durchleuchten Dark data

Doxis4 Cognitive Services: Your advantages


Automate routine tasks & alleviate daily work for employees


Extract relevant information from unstructured data


Streamline complex tasks with smart assistance functions


Identify risks automatically (e.g. EU GDPR violations)


Automatically enhance usability & user experience


Boost the intelligence of document management & collaboration

AI is there for you

AI and machine learning technologies improve the way we work.


Routine tasks take a lot of time and are monotonous. Intelligent automation frees up users. For example, by automatically classifying documents and assigning them metadata — all the way to fully automated processes. This means more time for creative and interesting tasks that generate value for your company.


Document management, collaboration, eFiles and workflows are applications created for people. Doxis4 Cognitive Services make your work easier, better, faster and more efficient, e.g., identifying similar or supplementary content and helping you to find experts or the right workflows.

Dr. Gregor Joeris, SER CTO

We develop software for people, therefore it is our goal to automate routine tasks and to help people in their daily work with intelligent tools. To make this happen, we are constantly adding cutting-edge technologies to our cognitive services. Our many years of experience with machine learning for content and processes pay off here.

Dr. Gregor Joeris, SER CTO

Intelligent to the core

Cognitive services enhance the intelligence of all applications on the Doxis4 platform.

Doxis4 is the first content services platform that has cognitive services at the core of the platform. These services combine the latest AI technologies with proven methods for classification & extraction, text mining in un­structured documents, and for text analyses. Doxis4 Cognitive Services are based on the experience and know-how of four generations of machine learning in document management, enterprise content management and business process management.

Doxis4 Cognitive Services overview

Where are Doxis4 Cognitive Services applied?

AI/ML-based content analytics open up countless use cases, e.g.:

Topic Classification

Automatically classify documents, images, audio files & videos into taxonomies or assign the corresponding metadata.

Document Type Classification

Automatically recognize and classify document types — especially during inbound mail processing.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify emotions in emails, digitized correspondences or social media posts to, for example, optimize your customer service.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Recognize and extract names of people, places, companies, institutes, etc., e.g. personal data (EU GDPR).

Risk/Fraud Identification

Uncover patterns and anomalies in documents to identify risks, e.g. invalid contract clauses/attempts at fraud.

Expert Identification

Helps users to quickly identify experts in specific areas of a company, e.g. when information is required in workflows.

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In addition to enhancing all Doxis4 services and their applications, Doxis4 Cognitive Services also build on the strengths of the ECM platform: electronic files place documents into their business context, automated workflows guide them throughout the company, DMS makes it easier to work on documents in a traceable way, and so much more. This forms the foundation for company-wide digitalization!

Doxis4 Cognitive Services: Technical highlights

  • Cognitive services – a core component of the Doxis4 platform
  • Classification & extraction for all content in Doxis4
  • Uniform: all inbound channels & a wide variety of formats
  • Machine learning-based layout & content classification
  • Machine learning & rule-based extraction methods
  • Natural language search queries (NLP)
  • Named entity recognition (NER) & sentiment analysis
  • Constant updates & extensions
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