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Migration from Alfresco to Doxis

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There are many reasons to migrate a legacy ECM system to a cutting-edge content services platform. The list of legacy system problems is long: inflexible and outdated technology, lackluster performance, insufficient scalability, poor support, discontinued maintenance, and more. Doxis solves the problems that are making Alfresco’s customers unhappy.

Alfresco’s customers want to have


A fully scalable system for documents, processes, users and applications


High-performing search options for users, even with large document pools


More functionalities in the standard product; less programming


Easy configuration options for individual adjustments


Quick and straightforward support


Simple and consistent maintenance and backup options

Doxis from SER offers


An AI-based content services platform for ECM, BPM and content analytics together with end-to-end maintenance and back-up

Functional scope

Large functional scope in the standard product, easy to adapt on an individual basis in a low-code development environment


Fully scalable and high-performing in all use cases: from department solutions to company-wide, intelligent information management


Highly competent SERviceDesk as your central point of contact for all support requests with quick response times – offered 24/7, according to your maintenance contract

Migration to Doxis: calculable, plannable, manageable

With an efficient, secure and proven migration concept, the Doxis Consolidation Service facilitates a smooth transition to the modern content services platform Doxis. It ensures that migrations of any dimension can be calculated, planned and managed.
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Groundbreaking ECM technology Doxis

The decision to deploy Doxis is a decision to work with a leading international ECM platform with countless content, process and cognitive services that work in perfect harmony. Doxis brings together all ECM and BPM services onto one platform, thereby integrating information into your processes. Doxis is fully scalable to handle any number of users and documents. In line with a low-code approach, the universal admin client enables you to configure adjustments in your Doxis solutions to meet individual requirements.

Replace your legacy system in 4 steps

Doxis Consolidation Service

Audit-proof migration

Audit-proof, comprehensive and traceable migration during live operation

Short project times

Short project times thanks to the high-performing data transferal from the legacy system

Independent migration system

An independent migration system minimizes risks and disburdens production systems

Quality ensured

Efficient methods with preliminary analysis and test migration ensure quality

Gartner MQ for Content Services Platforms 2018

Gartner positions SER as a “Challenger”

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