New SER Group connector gives users much-needed centralized access to information in Microsoft Teams

(May 27, 2021 - Bonn) With Doxis4 SmartBridge for Teams, the SER Group offers a new connector that enables its customers to access all information centrally on the Doxis4 enterprise content management (ECM) platform directly in Microsoft Teams. The connector ensures traceability and transparency to enhance team productivity and enables the fulfillment of governance policies and regulatory requirements.

“Since working remotely has become the norm, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of Microsoft Teams,” says Stefan Zeitzen, CSO of the SER Group. “This additional communication channel has resulted in further information silos – making content collaboration more difficult. For example, users struggle to track document versions. This is where Doxis4 SmartBridge for Teams comes into play: It breaks information free of silos by efficiently connecting Doxis4 and Microsoft Teams.”

Furthermore, data protection and retention options in the Microsoft 365 suite are complex, which can result in governance and compliance risks. With Doxis4 SmartBridge for Teams, companies can close gaps and access information and processes from Doxis4 directly in Microsoft Teams. As the Microsoft application has become one of the main channels where information is shared,* it is more important than ever for companies to integrate Teams with their information management solution.

Improve productivity and security with Doxis4 SmartBridge for Teams

“As a long-time Microsoft Gold Partner, we have a deep understanding of Microsoft products and their user requirements. With Doxis4 SmartBridge for Teams we are adding important functionality to one of the most popular Microsoft applications. Our customers can easily integrate Doxis4 as an app in Microsoft Teams and thus connect seamlessly to their centralized information management in Doxis4. This promotes teamwork and improves information governance,” explains Dr. Gregor Joeris, CTO of the SER Group.

Work on processes in Microsoft Teams: Tasks, processes as well as individual or group workbaskets in Doxis4 can be integrated directly in Microsoft Teams. This gives users in Teams greater transparency regarding the status of all processes and new information received. Users can simply work on processes and information in the Microsoft app, thus enhancing productivity. 

Context-related searches: When a user searches for a customer, project or process, Doxis4 displays all the information related to this context, as well as who created and worked on it and when. Users can also carry out searches directly in Microsoft Teams without switching applications.

Information governance and compliance: SER Group customers who use Microsoft Teams have the assurance that content in Doxis4 is stored in alignment with corporate governance policies and regulatory requirements. Team members can file documents newly created in Microsoft Teams in a structured manner into Doxis4, where they can be archived in an EU GDPR-compliant and audit-proof manner, as well as assigned appropriate access and retention rules.

Doxis4 project eFile in Microsoft Teams

Doxis4 project eFile in Microsoft Teams


Automation streamlines administrative tasks

The structured filing and compliant archiving of content from Microsoft Teams will become even easier in the future. Dr. Gregor Joeris says: “We plan to automate many tasks, for instance, the set-up of new eFiles when a new Teams channel is created. In addition, documents, chats and meeting recordings will be automatically archived.” This cuts down on time-consuming administrative tasks and helps companies ensure that information from Teams is fully integrated into their centralized information management solution.

Find out more about the further integration options of Microsoft and Doxis4.

*The number of daily active Microsoft Teams users grew from 20 million in July 2019 to 145 million in April 2021. Source:

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