SER Group’s new Doxis4 module optimizes the purchase-to-pay process in SAP

(August 27, 2020 - Bonn) The new solution from the SER Group enables companies to digitalize the purchase-to-pay process. With Doxis4 Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation, inbound order confirmations are processed and posted automatically in SAP. This intelligent solution from SER is designed to help purchasing and procurement departments ensure goods are received on time and orders are fulfilled properly. In addition, the solution improves transparency and quality throughout the purchase-to-pay process.

For many companies in industry and retail, managing relationships with thousands of suppliers worldwide can take a lot of time and resources. Processing purchase orders and reviewing the subsequent order confirmations produces a flood of documents that have to be dealt with promptly to ensure production stays on track. Particularly given today’s unpredictable market and supply shortages, companies have to be able to respond rapidly and, if needed, switch to alternative suppliers so that goods are delivered on time and in full – to avoid any production delays.

Automate processing of order confirmations with Doxis4 for more reliable planning

With Doxis4 Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation, companies are improving the efficiency of their procurement process. The intelligent SER solution processes inbound order confirmations fully automatically and detects deviations from delivery deadlines, quantities and prices faster and more accurately than a human. The solution is ideally suited for companies that already run SAP for purchase orders, vendor management and posting order confirmations. “SAP is ideal for transactions in procurement and for processing vendor and order data. However, a lot of manual work goes into reviewing the related documents, and this costs time,” explains Marc Volquardsen, Product Manager & Solution Architect at the SER Group. He adds: “With Doxis4 Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation, the SER Group has developed a solution that automates these steps in the procurement process and supports reliable the planning of inbound goods and production.”

Doxis4 Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation captures inbound order confirmations, reads them, matches them to the corresponding purchase orders and vendors, and displays them clearly in the integrated invoice monitor in the SAP UI. This provides procurement a complete overview of all the order confirmations and their status – something not found in SAP. This document and data check in SAP runs automatically and includes fully automated posting. If an order confirmation differs from the purchase order, the AI-based solution detects and reports it. This means documents can be captured on the same day; review and posting takes place promptly. The purchasing team can directly trigger downstream processes, e.g. orders can be canceled due to delayed delivery dates and the other vendors can be contracted.

With the certified Doxis4 SmartBridge for SAP connector, SER customers can continue to use Doxis4 Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation when they upgrade to a new SAP generation: All Doxis4 solutions run with SAP ERP as well as with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform.

“As an SAP partner with more than 30 years of experience, the SER Group places great importance in ensuring that our customers can digitalize processes such as purchase-to-pay with Doxis4 and SAP at any time, without a problem – and without disruptions in the system or user experience. Only when processes are integrated perfectly from start to finish is it possible to provide intelligent information management throughout the entire company and thereby increase the return on information,” states Stefan Zeitzen, Chief Sales Officer at the SER Group.

How SER customers are enhancing their P2P processes in SAP

Many SER customers already digitalize parts of their purchase-to-pay process with Doxis4 and use intelligent invoice automation to handle invoices and automate processes such as submitting and reviewing purchase orders, documenting inbound goods and managing complaints. “With Doxis4 Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation, SER customers now have an additional module to automate their purchase-to-pay process from request to payment,” states Zeitzen and adds: “Alongside better planning for their production and liquidity, this end-to-end automation improves collaboration with suppliers and retailers so that products can get to market on time.”

For more information about processing order confirmations in SAP with Doxis4 Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation, click here.

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