Automate your inbound order confirmations

  • Same-day processing of inbound order confirmations
  • Fast and easy escalation to production
  • Quickest possible launch of the process to procure replacements

Keep production running smoothly with
an efficient procurement workflow

Efficient procurement workflows, faster order reconciliation and resilient supply chains are the basis for keeping production ticking along without a hitch and quality at the highest level. By choosing a software-powered purchase-to-pay workflow, you automate redundant tasks and in turn improve your just-in-time purchasing. With automated order confirmation processing, discrepancies are flagged up right away so you can quickly make the necessary adjustments and keep production running on time and budget.

Better production planning

Identify delivery volume discrepancies and potential delays right away and source other suppliers or adjust your planning as needed.

Happy customers

Prevent resource bottlenecks to keep production running on time and budget. Your customers will appreciate punctual product deliveries and outstanding quality.

Efficient order confirmation

Automate time-consuming manual tasks and increase productivity by freeing up your employees to focus on core activities like supplier selection.

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3 steps to automated order confirmations

Step 1:

Receipt and capture of the order confirmation

Once the order confirmation has been received and digitized, Doxis captures all relevant information and files the document in the digital order file and in the supplier workspace. Doxis then transfers all information in the right format to your ERP system (SAP, etc.).

  • Automated reading of order confirmations and launch of
    downstream processes through to resolution
  • Seamless integration with ERP systems
  • Deep integration in SAP ERP, S/4 HANA & SAP Cloud Platform
  • One process for digital and paper-based order confirmations

Step 2:

Workflow for reconciliation and post-processing

Doxis automatically reconciles information from the order confirmation with the original order and business partner data. The system immediately spots if there’s a discrepancy and lets the responsible employee know, so they can launch the corrective workflow and at the same time place a request for the missing feedstock.

  • Access orders & business partner data via standard interfaces
  • Automatic transferal of data from orders
  • Validation & plausibility checks against order data and master data from your ERP system
  • Order ledger for all order confirmations
  • Information for supplier management (e.g., to identify unreliable suppliers)

Step 3:


Doxis files the order confirmation in the audit-proof archive for the entire statutory retention period to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements. You can continue to view the order confirmation on demand from your ERP system.

The future of automated order confirmation processing with Doxis

Uncover the full optimization potential of your purchase-to-pay process.

Put Doxis to work across your entire purchase-to-pay process

End-to-end automation

From checking purchase requisitions and handling supplier inquiries to budget approvals, orders, order confirmations and invoice processing: With Doxis, you automate the entire purchase-to-pay process and manage all documents in a central repository.

Cross-departmental cooperation

When inquiries about materials or equipment come in, Doxis bundles all related documents and processes in context-sensitive eFiles. This not only ensures that areas such as production are involved in relevant processes and that orders are coordinated with the right departments, but also keeps all decisions documented along the way.

Enhance supplier management with the Doxis® iRoom®

Doxis simplifies collaboration with your suppliers: Suppliers use the protected Doxis® iRoom® to upload e.g. their certifications while you can send them quality assessments, photos of defects and much more.

Intelligent verification & posting

Who needs to check the order confirmation in which verification scenario? Leave it to Doxis! It automatically launches the right process and collates all the necessary information. Doxis can even post the order confirmation in your ERP system.

Our business processes are much faster and more efficient thanks to the electronic
contract, customer, and supplier files
and the fact that the Doxis solution is fully integrated into SAP.

Ulrich Peekhaus, Head of IT, KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG

Advantages of automated order confirmation processing

Fully transparent order confirmations

With the Doxis order ledger you see at a glance all incoming order confirmations along with their status.

Spot discrepancies faster

Immediately see discrepancies between orders and deliveries and confirm them directly in the ERP system’s verification process, e.g. in SAP.

Make work easier

Doxis automatically reads and reconciles the order confirmation with the ERP system and flags up inconsistencies for the user.

Improve supplier quality

Easily track your suppliers’ delivery reliability and price trends and use data mined by Doxis in your evaluation.

Intelligently manage order confirmations

Doxis automatically transfers document data, launches downstream processes in the ERP system, locates the right person for the task and forwards the right information in context.

Enhance compliance and quality

With Doxis you handle order confirmations in a uniform, fully documented process and archive all important documents audit-compliantly.

Integration in your IT landscape

Experience Doxis in action

Arrange a live demo for your business where we show you best practice workflows for setting up automated order confirmations.

Discover how digital transformation can revolutionize your processes and unlock their full potential.

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