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Computerworld Top 200: SER leads ECM market


In its 27th edition, the annual Computerworld Top 200 ranking lists the who-is-who of the Polish IT market. Poland’s top technology magazine ranks 366 companies from the IT sector in a wide range of categories. This market analysis is extremely important for IT leaders, guiding them in their search for the right ECM software vendor.

SER leads ECM in Computerworld Top 200

Since 2017, SER is a regular in the ranking, leading the ECM category ever since it was created. A new category was introduced this year, Consulting Services, and SER also immediately clinched the number one slot. The top rankings continue for SER: #2 in Financial Services and Insurance and #3 in Professional Services. In Cloud Services (SaaS) our ranking improved to garner 14th place – reflecting the cloud-ready approach of Doxis. From the beginning, Doxis was designed as cloud-ready, as both our cloud and on-premises installations are based on the same core and code. Customers can easily deploy Doxis in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid installations.

SER outranks big-name competitors

In the overall ranking of all IT companies in Poland, SER is ranked in the top 50 (#46) out of 366 in terms of revenue – beating out big names like Oracle, Huawei and Samsung – and 16th by profits. With 17 rankings in total, the 2019 results of the Top 200 are confirmation yet again of SER’s leadership role in the Polish IT market.

Strong roots, constant growth

Since opening its subsidiary in Warsaw in 2006, SER has been an established market player and has expanded its footprint significantly since then. The Polish team is constantly adding to its roster of customers, particularly from the banking and insurance sector. SER’s flexible, scalable and high-performing solution templates, not only for banking and insurance, make implementation fast and effortless. Customers benefit immediately from their content services platform.

SER's rankings at a glance

Here you can see SER’s performance in all 17 categories. View the full details of the Polish IT landscape here (login or payment required for full details).

Category # in 2019 (out of 366)
ECM software vendors 1
Consulting services 1
All IT companies by revenue 46
All IT companies by profit 16
Number of employees 23
Vertical: Financial services and insurance 2
Vertical: Public and military 21
Vertical: Retail 13
Large enterprises 11
Healthcare 11
Vertical: Industry 6
IT services 15
Professional services 3
Cloud (SaaS) 14
Support and maintenance 5
Software vendors 22
Own licenses sold 10


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